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  28 November 2019

SupWA Events at Halls Head Beach (Doddies Beach)
The Half Cut Challenge The week prior to the Stand Up Surf Shop King of the Cut is known as West Oz Downwind week. Paddlers come from across the country and around the world to get their fix of runs in before the main race on the weekend. The world famous Cut Run is the first half of the King of the Cut course - 12kms running from Dawesville Cut to Doddies Beach at Halls Head. This year we are holding a 5 day long time GPS trial for the fastest time to do the course.
Every day, starting from Sunday the 24th (1200) to Thursday the 28th of November (1800) you can log your fastest time. Times close at the end of each day (at 1800) and the paddler with the fastest time will be presented with the leaders singlet for each age group. The singlet will change hands each day, if the time is beaten.
Start - from the green Starboard navigation marker at the end of the Southern Groyne at Daweville.
Finish - Doddies Beach (the east side of Roberts Point) - between the beach and first yellow marker.
The SUP truck will be available for transport to the start. This is a paid service provided by a 3rd party transport company.
Female Open
Female O/40
Male Open
Male U/40
Male O/40
Male O/50
How to register
1. Enter online via this gateway.
2. Go into Stand Up Surf Shop in North Fremantle to authenticate your time device*
3. You can pick up your competitor pack for the Stand Up Surf Shop King of the Cut from SUSS as well. This includes vouchers for Mandurah bunesses and KotC event tee shirt. You can also get your photo taken and updated to your competitor profile for the TrackMeLive app - so your details can be streamed live during the race.
4. Do as many runs as you want. Start your timing device at the Starboard mark at Dawesville, stop it at Doddies Beach.
5. Write down your time on the SUPWA trailer at Doddies Beach. Take a photo of it and publish on KotC facebook/instagram - whilst tagging in Stand Up Surf Shop. (SUSS)*
*Please note for a time to be accepted you must publish the photo of it and tag in SUSS and have registered your timing device.

NOTE - The Half Cut Challenge is a self managed time trial. Paddlers compete at the their own risk and are responsible for their own safety (there is no official safety boat on course). Minimal recommended safety equipment is a leg rope, smoke flare and PFD Type 1 or 2. Please make sure you paddler with a buddy and stay safe.

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