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Anyone else confused what's the latest release on wings?

Created by Jeffs256 A week ago, 25 Jun 2020
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25 Jun 2020 11:06AM
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I've got to admit I'm getting a bit blurry trying to remember what's the latest front wing these days - maybe we need to stick with some prefixs - like HA, P, HS, GL even a 'MY20.5' to give it some chronology? Used to be simple, like picking T-shirts sizes: S, L, XL. Or being the only one pronouncing Iwa the wrong way...

Anyway huge respect for the way Axis is cranking out some amazing refinements of their foils - probably evolving the sport more than another other manufacturer. Only challenge is getting lost trying to remember what the 920, 910 or 900 look like...

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25 Jun 2020 10:47PM
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Give it six months and we can add high aspect, mid aspect and low aspect wing dings to the mix.

The compelling questions will be: can I mix a low aspect foil two metres wide on a short fuselage and 20cm2 rear with a high aspect 12m wide wing?

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25 Jun 2020 10:50PM
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Gong are using t-shirt sizes for their wings.


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"Anyone else confused what's the latest release on wings?" started by Jeffs256