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Armstron APF1675 mast position

Created by Pacoo 4 months ago, 4 Oct 2023
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12 Feb 2024 12:56PM
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Camarillo said..

It is very obvious that the 1675 is a pump foil and not a surf foil.

I hope Armstrong will come out with HA1280 and even a HA1380 asap to ride micro waves.

Point is, the APF works as a small wave surf foil or DW foil in a pinch. In less turbulent water it turns surprisingly well and it was designed to allow for some maneuverability, not only pumping. I surfed the 1080 in 1-3' surf today and it worked incredibly well. I didn't feel the need at all for a bigger foil. Can't see why a 1180 wouldn't work for you in tiny waves unless you're over 100kg. Have you ridden one yet?


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