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Created by kobo 1 month ago, 6 Jan 2024
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10 Feb 2024 9:05PM
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Camarillo said..

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Camarillo said..
I have the HA1180 and the APF1675 for sup foiling in very small slow waves.
But I have not enough front foot because the tracks of my board are too far back.
I will get another board but would shimming the stab help?
Now I have to move my feet after take off, not ideal.

The gap between the HA1180 and the APF1675 is very big , I hope there will be a 1280 coming out soon??

Unless you are reverse shimming, adding shims won't help with getting more front foot pressure; the opposite will happen. Reverse shimming IMHO, will not be satisfactory though. I ride the 1080 at 90kg as my small wave SUPfoil (1675 if I'm really desperate!). I can't imagine needing a size larger than 1180 as the span would be too much for fun surfing performance. I think Aiden from Armstrong mentioned this in a video, saying the APF1675 or even the APF1880 provided the next steps up from the 1180 from a lift perspective if you really need it. Get a board that matches Armie foils and you won't be wishing for an intermediate size foil between 1180 and 1675.

Yes I was thinking of reverse shimming
I need a board of at least 115 liter
Unfortunately Armstrong's downwind boards are too narrow for me and the sup's are too short and too wide.

What brand board should I get?

Look at the Naish downwind in the 125 liter size. It has my primary board SUP foiling since they came out. I ride the armstrong, 1225MA, 1880 APF, 1750MA and now the 880HA all on the 935 mast.

How much do you weigh? Me 87kg.

Just getting used to the 880 but that thing has a ton of lift. I had to move it back about an inch in the tracks. That was with the dart and a red shim. You should not need a 1280. I have taken off on chest high waves on the 1750 and waist high waves on the 1225. There is a lot of overlap there. I have heard the 1675 has a ton of lift so your 1180 should be fine.

On small days, I have put a 1 degree mast shim on the 1750 and 1880 to help with paddle speed getting into the waves. Big side to the tail to take out a little of the angle of the 935. I think it helped. Get the armie one since it comes with the longer bolts.


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