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Efoils fun or boring

Created by Fitzsup Two weeks ago, 11 Feb 2021
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19 Feb 2021 3:45PM
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Fitzsup said..

radair said..
I started wake foiling on a local lake last summer. 1 to 4 sessions per week yields decent results, so I expanded to take up wing foiling. While on vacation in Florida and impatiently waiting for wind I decided to do an efoil demo. They look lame in most videos but I found it to be quite fun. I found it very beneficial for working on my switch stance side and for getting used to higher speeds like winging. We were using the Lift 5'-6" boards, I believe.

That being said, I doubt I'll put one in my garage. I felt like it would be great for learning sharper carves and such but I would probably get bored with it. I already own a boat and having friends along for learning is really fun. That being said, it can be tough to find a driver and spotter on any given day so an efoil would be awesome for solo missions.

Thx for the reply,

A lot of people are finding the same,want to foil,but no observer or driver.

Our Maritime officials are getting nasty around here,busted the boys for no observer,doing tow in $500 fine.

Heard a rumor Tom Carroll,was caught by the same official,same offense,same fine.????

Thats why efoils interest me,I will not need to rely on anyone but me.

Wednesday 24th Fliteboard Ultra and series 2 upgrades / wings are announced... Might be selling my Pro shortly hahaha!

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20 Feb 2021 7:16AM
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Thx mate,

I received the email.

Between this and a foil you can control with a smart phone,and it's intuitive.


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