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Is it worth it?

Created by peguin A week ago, 5 Jan 2021
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5 Jan 2021 10:14AM
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Just about to buy first sup foil and just wanted to check its worth it fun and enjoyment wise. I'm a prone surfer, sup surfer and wave sailor. Looking at getting a foil setup and can learn/ play on in rolling small waves and bigger outside swell when conditions mean can't do any of the above sports. Maybe put the week's in to learn down winder or maybe but very low in interest is wingding. Flat water side of the sports has never held long interest with me.
So folk with similar backgrounds was the cost outlay worth the enjoyment or afterwards did you feel meh.

QLD, 3051 posts
5 Jan 2021 12:29PM
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Nah it sucks on a SUP and prone is way more fun!! haha

Nah the SUP foil side is sick and just opens up so many other doors to fill in those days that prone might be no good. The down wind side has some challenges but if you are keen enough the rewards are the best in Foiling.

The wingding is just another door to more fun and its not just for the flat as this is a great step in learning other areas of foiling like Downwinding, the real bonus is just how much time you can get up on the foil and what this teaches you!!

If you have the coin just buy it all!! Just make sure you get a good board and if possible find a bigger one to learn on for a few weeks and then you should be pretty sweet to go down the right size board with out having to buy two boards.

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5 Jan 2021 11:06AM
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You have to want it. Ten sessions of straight falling. If you are ok with that then yea it's completely worth it. Turn 1 foot slop into an Indonesian boat trip.
it took me a year and a half to convince my brother. He'd say it looks fun but I have my mid length, long fish, twin fin for those waves. He finally started learning in the spring and didn't ride any other board for seven months. ??

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5 Jan 2021 3:34PM
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Not worth it! You'll quit all your other hobbies, lose your girl, and spend all your money... But you won't mind, because you'll be foiling all day every day.

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6 Jan 2021 8:15AM
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Welcome to the rabbit hole.
It will change how you look at surf, as it makes crap waves amazing. Prone foil is even better -- though SUP foil has benefits in some conditions.
Then once you are fully addicted to the sup foil rush, you'll find that winging makes more sense. Because it is simply adding wind to something you're already chasing -- wing is a supplement to a sup foil, for getting more and longer waves without having to paddle (and without kite lines or a mast in the way, 100% depower and flexibility to just enjoy the wave).
The biggest problem with foiling now....there are pretty much no off-days any more. Any wave size and any wind from about 8kts up, I am able to ride something. Which can mess up the rest of your life if you aren't careful!

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7 Jan 2021 5:38AM
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All of the above. Basically there are no conditions that I can't have fun in somehow with foiling prone, sup and wing except dead calm flat and no wind, and even then I can paddle around and work on my stroke.

You know that feeling you get when you are stuck doing something that you can't get out of and you KNOW that there's head high glass (or more often here just anything surf-able) and it has been blown out or dead flat for like a week or two? That makes you yell-at-the-wife-kick-the-dog insane and pissed off?

I don't get that any more cause there's always later today or tomorrow. I can't tell you how much my life has improved even in the middle of this sh!tshow.

QLD, 523 posts
7 Jan 2021 9:58AM
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If you can windsurf, you can wingding, very similar controls. Now you say you have little interest in wingding, but it is a great stepping stone to sup and prone foil. Think how much time you can spend on a wave to lean to foil, seconds really, now with a wing you can find some nice flat water, use the power of the wing to get you going, then spend hours learning to foil. Your progression will be much faster then flog the wing when not needed anymore.

NSW, 45 posts
7 Jan 2021 11:50AM
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I'm guessing if you're on this forum already - you've already got foil brain so you know the answer. Just enjoy the retail therapy of deciding on the gear you need. Like PaulJ says - get on the coin!

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Monday , 11 Jan 2021 9:24AM
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Cheers for all your input. Very appreciated.
For the past 4 days been out in the waves surrounded by foilers of all kind. First day it was prone guys who made it look amazing. Where I was out the back and having to wait for the big sets to get a ride they were popping up on any crest of white water. Also helped to make it look good was they were in bikini or had 6pk so just a per media.
Later in the day at different spot sup foiler out with me. I'm on sup. Waves were waist to head and he wasn't getting take off any earlier than me just he got longer rides. However it was a very passive ride compared to my Max turn slash style. He was older and had a keg so not looking like media.
Few days later winds kicked in and wingdings out in waves. I'm windsurfing and only benefit I saw was going down the line and just surf. But again too passive for me.
So I'll think for now I'll keep the coins and ponder some more. Or maybe get the 6pk and go prone. Going to be a lot work for the 6pk.
Cheers for input.


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