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J Shapes C Wave

Created by Gannet 9 months ago, 16 May 2018
VIC, 14 posts
16 May 2018 7:54PM
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Anyone prone or SUPing on the J Shapes C Wave?
If so, what's it like?
Can you compare it to a Go Foil?

QLD, 5327 posts
16 May 2018 8:24PM
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Haven't tried it but those boys have been at it a long while and have some really nice gear. I have been buying my Tuttle boxes off them. Their foils look really good and well priced.

VIC, 4092 posts
16 May 2018 10:36PM
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Contact Antoine at J Shapes and ask him. He's a very straight up sort of person and answers questions sensibly and honestly.

I got onto J Shapes kite foiling gear a couple of years ago and couldn't be happier with it.

After dealing with other brands it was nice to talk to someone who actually answers questions and talks in sentences. None of the usual "Dude it's the best!" you usually get.


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"J Shapes C Wave" started by Gannet