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Keeping water out of your mast?

Created by exiled 3 months ago, 8 May 2019
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8 May 2019 4:15AM
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So my hollow aluminum mast fills with water. This is both annoying and adds weight to the rig unnecessarily. What is the best way to go about plugging the openings in the mast so that water doesn't get in?

WA, 4745 posts
8 May 2019 8:07AM
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+1 it is annoying

VIC, 1217 posts
8 May 2019 10:53AM
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get a gofoil, or solid carbon mast.

QLD, 5487 posts
8 May 2019 12:25PM
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Axis plug theirs , I just use sikka works a treat

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8 May 2019 2:40PM
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Takuma plug theirs as well. With my Naish mast I cut and sanded foam strips to fill the void and plunged the ends with wax. Works fine in the not warm enough to melt the wax UK. Seems to be holding up, cost nowt, easily replaceable.

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8 May 2019 5:53PM
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I use this

NSW, 469 posts
8 May 2019 10:06PM
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My only concern with plugging or filling the mast is saltwater ingress that cannot be seen just like a board with a minute split or crack. Corrosion will set in eventually if it does. So the best in my opinion is a solid mast. Or put up with loosening or undoing the bolts & rinsing with freshwater as I do. I just pour water into the mast cavity & tip it out. By the time I dry all the parts & wings everything is virtually dry & not leaking when I pack it away in a bag.

VIC, 4249 posts
8 May 2019 10:54PM
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I tried plugging an aluminium mast with some foam plugs and marine grade sealant. When I used it in cold water the air inside contracted and sucked the silicone down into the mast.

I could easily hear that water was getting inside. I poked the silicone out and just drained the mast properly after each session before packing up.

I switched to a full carbon kit and have had zero maintenance issues since. (insert rant here about how great carbon is and how crap aluminium is)

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9 May 2019 3:19AM
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That picture foam looks like should work.
I filled my 80cm mast up with water just to see. It held 360 grams of fresh water FWIW.

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9 May 2019 6:44PM
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just fill them up with silicon. easy and can be removed


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