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Learning to speak Aussie, Quotes from the peanut gallery

Created by broVan 1 month ago, 13 May 2020
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13 May 2020 8:02AM
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I am an ignorant American looking to brush up on my Aussie speak. I am happy to exchange some of my own expressions that you may not find in textbooks.
I was inspired to start this thread with some of my favorite Piros quotes.
"Sticks like **** to a blanket"
"Snug as a thumb in a bum"

I have been chasing wind for 2 decades so here some that I know-
"The wind today is up and down like a whore's panties" or its just "whore's panties" for short
"Check out Kenny Shlogginz out there mowin the lawn"

I will think of more as soon as I post this.
Please add your best ones!


QLD, 5908 posts
13 May 2020 12:46PM
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Here's a couple:-

Going off , like Dads pants on Fathers Day.

He's had more roots than I've had hot dinners.

QLD, 502 posts
13 May 2020 3:06PM
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You can add in cu#t or cu#ts to bring more Aussie flavour to the saying.

211 posts
13 May 2020 1:46PM
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broVan, we call you blokes Seppo's

QLD, 498 posts
13 May 2020 8:38PM
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"I'm as dry as a dead dingos donger" (thirsty)
"Fair suck of the sav" (fair go)
" Carrying on like a frog in a sock" (all over the place )
"Happy as a mosquito at a nudist camp" (very happy)

QLD, 208 posts
14 May 2020 9:30AM
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Some old ones
Dry as a nuns nasty ...thirsty
Sweating like a priest in court ... hot
Going for a 3 bags full... personal pleasure
Feel like a bag of fruit... root or sex

WA, 188 posts
14 May 2020 11:47AM
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Stiffer than a honeymooner's d1ck. = Fairly high modulus.

NSW, 38 posts
14 May 2020 5:39PM
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Couple of oldies:

Fair suck of the sauce bottle - steady on mate
Flat out like a lizard drinkn - busy as f*#k

8 posts
15 May 2020 3:11AM
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Is a frog's ass watertight? (yes)
I don't like the cut of his gybe
Good from afar but far from good

Mark _australia
WA, 19839 posts
15 May 2020 12:01PM
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^^^ cut of his jib (sailing term)

your last one would mean she possibly has a head like a burnt thong (not underwear lol) or a head like a dropped pie

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15 May 2020 1:38PM
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Google Cockney rhyming slang for more on Seppo. I'm a "fecking yank" as y'all would say and I love where that came from.

VIC, 6 posts
15 May 2020 7:42PM
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Keen as Mustard

QLD, 1682 posts
15 May 2020 7:50PM
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Fair Dinkum !!!

NSW, 1223 posts
16 May 2020 7:47AM
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A few roos short in the top paddock.

SA, 5 posts
24 May 2020 9:44AM
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I've been told its local to where I live.....
Which is weird coz I've heard it in every state....

Ask..."What do you know?"
Answer...."Nothing" or "Not Much"
Reply... "Can't get in trouble that way"

VIC, 6 posts
24 May 2020 11:09PM
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He's not the full 6 pack!

VIC, 6 posts
24 May 2020 11:10PM
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Far canal!

QLD, 23 posts
30 May 2020 9:24AM
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Don't give me the raw prawn or I'll show you what to do with the rough end of a pineapple.


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