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Pumping obsession

Created by RJK 4 months ago, 5 Aug 2019
QLD, 618 posts
5 Aug 2019 8:08AM
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Can someone please explain this global obsession with flapping around like a bunch of turkies? Everybody appears to be trying so hard to constantly pump, and buy wings that are just for pumping, but not actually surfing the wave. I really don't understand it. It's like riding a wave on a SUP and constantly paddling the entire time...

Foiling lets you carve at Mach 1 in tiny slop. That's the reason I got into it and love it so much. Yes pump out to the next wave, but only to actually surf the next wave.

Am I crazy? Is there something I'm not understanding?

WA, 137 posts
5 Aug 2019 9:34AM
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i can't speak for everyone, but I'll have a crack...

Pumping Is the thing that got my attention in the first foiling vids I saw. The potential to move between waves and parts of the lineup amazed me. Personally I don't just try for doubles, but go on a bit of a tour of waves on the area....pumping extra long after the wave dies and walking back after I've visited a few different peaks.

Pumping is physically demanding and requires technique. Practice makes perfect, and keeps you fit.

I assume you you are disgustipated over the dock starting phenomenon? Guys here start from a rock wall, pump out into the wind line and carve at Mach 1 for as long as they can stay up....many km .Nice. Worth flapping like a turkey I reckon. Would they have put 2 and 2 together if they weren't pumping as much as they could on flat days? Probably not.

Not everyone has high tide Kirra out the front. Some of the pumping happens on lakes etc. Most of summer I'm happy just to get a few inches of whitewash in enough water to launch. It really is that bad here. Guess what I do when I get up? That's right, if there's no wave to schralp, I'll get my pump on.

Im a recovering shortboarder, just being able to spend virtually every day in the water is a huge blessing. Pump pump pump pump

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5 Aug 2019 11:54AM
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There is some magic in pumping, you are basically flying by yourself without any external force.

Soaring birds of prey using the air currents to not move a wing for minutes are majestic, but most of us would dream to fly by "just" flapping our wings. Foil pumping kind of gives us this dream, even if it may look ugly.

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5 Aug 2019 1:58PM
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I've been asked the same question by friends - to me the answer is downwinding.

Learning to downwind one quickly realises the holy grail is the ability to pump - if you can't pump, don't bother with downwinds until you can. Hence my obsession, I wan't to fly 10km' on a foil in downwind conditions and I'm happy to sacrifice some surfing to achieve this.

VIC, 4285 posts
5 Aug 2019 4:49PM
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It's simply a problem to be solved.

What was once considered something for only super athletes is working it's way through to the public.

It seems that you will need to be able to pump to an extent to simply catch the waves you want to catch. When the gear and technique catches up it will just be a part of foiling that you master (to varying degrees) along with all the other skills.

Personally I think foiling still has a fair way to go before the gear and techniques is settled. Manufacturers are only now bringing out higher aspect wings and boards are getting crazy short. It will be another 3-4 years before it reaches some sort of normality where the gear and basic skills are known.

Kite foiling has been around for several years and the gear and techniques has not stabilised. Forums are full of questions more based on ignorance and preconceptions rather than solid experience.

QLD, 618 posts
5 Aug 2019 7:03PM
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Pumping for downwinding I completely understand. DW is the ultimate surf paradise.

Dock starting because you're bored or live on a lake, I completely understand.

Pumping to double up after you've actually surfed a wave or to get back out I understand.

Pumping is the most unfluid, unstylish dysfunctional looking thing to do even if you're kai Lenny. And it takes effort!

Why are people pumping while on the wave? Ride high and you will gain 10x the speed you get pumping, as with riding deeper in the "pocket". Why are people riding five meters then pumping to the next wave just to ride 5m then continue to pump off? Why pump at all unless it's essential.

I just find it crazy that we have an ultimate surf craft that allows you to go nuts when it's half a foot and onshore slop, yet almost nobody is actually surfing their foil. And everyone is chasing high aspect wings which just take away from the surfing side of foiling.

I understand there are no rules to fun. And surfing is surfing despite the craft. But it just blows my mind every day with the foiling I see, vids that are posted and comments that are made that appear to be moving the sport/manufactures
into an area of turkey flapping and not actually surfing. ???????

I just saw a post showing Rasta holding a foil. To me this is the ultimate match up. Can't wait to see him on the water. All style and flow ????

WA, 4948 posts
5 Aug 2019 6:21PM
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Have to agree. On Instagram foiltheworld has gone from Armstrong foils to high aspect Signature foils and seems to have lost that snappy surf look when riding. Seems more interested in pumping around now. It's all fun, but turning to generate speed looks way better IMHO.

43 posts
6 Aug 2019 8:02AM
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Foil the world is reviewing all those other wings. So he has to ride them to have an opinion for a review. Which drives traffic to his page. Which gets him more foils to review. He's also learning how to downwind. I don't see him leaving Armstrong though.

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6 Aug 2019 8:45AM
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Yeah I think FTW said that he felt his advancement was probably hindered by riding all these different wings (on the podcast). Takes time to sort each one out when he could have been dialing in his normal setup even more.


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