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Where to learn surf foiling on Sunshine Coast

Created by Ariyon Two weeks ago, 1 Jan 2019
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1 Jan 2019 10:33AM
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Hi Everyone.
I am learning surf foiling and was wondering if anyone can share the best spots to learn on the Sunshine coast. I know that lower Mooloolaba and Cotton Tree are decent but have heard there are other spots. Can anyone fill me in?
Many thanks,

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2 Jan 2019 4:00PM
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Cotton tree is epic and one of the best once you learn to use it properly. I'd suggest getting in touch with Luke at Ocean Addicts. They're fully set up for foiling and know the spots to fly

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2 Jan 2019 5:26PM
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It's been average conditions here on the sunny coast lately for learning to foil (especially prone), too much swell & big tides.
IMO, you need 1-2ft high tide for CT or 3-4 low tide for Mooloolaba.

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3 Jan 2019 9:49AM
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Hi Ariyon,

If you have your own board and foil and have done a couple boat sessions then the safest and most suitable spots are the Maroochydore River Mouth, Mooloolaba and the Noosa River mouth off the groin are the best spots.

There are plenty of other places, however these are the best for learning as the waves are typically more mellow and more suitable for foiling. As well as being less crowded.

Strongly advise staying away from the points while you are learning and especially this time of the year as its just way to crowded with regular surfers.

You can find some great banks that work about 2hrs either side of high tide up and down all of the open beaches from Noosa down to Caloundra that have no one on them. The rides a normally a little shorter on the open beach than the river mouths but still heaps of fun and great for foiling. Low tide on the open beach is generally to sucky and steep.

If you haven't yet had anytime up and foiling behind a boat or ski I strongly recommend this. Its the best way to hone your skills and get the feel for being up on the foil. We can help with a tailored Hydro Foil boat session if needed.

Feel free to pop past the store and chat all things foiling anytime!



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