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12'6" Surftech Competitor

Created by kelvinpumba > 9 months ago, 18 Nov 2014
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18 Nov 2014 6:46AM
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Hi has anyone got one. Like look but after something stable as coming from starboard big easy. But want something faster but still stable.

tha dogman
NSW, 2912 posts
18 Nov 2014 11:16AM
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You won't find a better "bullet proof" constructed board.

I've dragged around a compeditor in the Surftech demo van for the past 2yrs n it's still going strong.

Super stable, fast and built to take some serious punishment.

Rock on Kelvin

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18 Nov 2014 8:50AM
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Bloody good board. Does everything well. Very stable and a good choice for a first race board if you value stability and ease of handling. The design has been around a long time, but there's a reason for that. Pretty much a "classic" race SUP now.


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"12'6" Surftech Competitor" started by kelvinpumba