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Adjustable Paddles

Created by windsurftom Monday, 2 Dec 2019
NSW, 258 posts
Monday , 2 Dec 2019 9:27PM
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Looking for adjustable recommendations.

Currently have a Kialoa adjustable paddle that must be 5 years old and getting tired.

Have had Naish and Fanatic paddles in the past but found the adjustment clunky compared to the lever lock on the Kialoa. Also the hybrid plastic blade on the Kialoa has been much more durable than the naish or fanatic.

Really Kialoa would be first choice but I can't find in Australia.

Are there any other recommended adjustable paddles?

Do any other brands have the lever lock system? (Expanding rubber bung that creates a friction fit)

VIC, 16168 posts
Tuesday , 3 Dec 2019 1:25PM
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I think SIC paddles use the same great Kialoa system with the locking mechanism in the handle leaving the shaft clear.


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