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Adventure King ISUP

Created by Bev4 6 months ago, 5 Oct 2018
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5 Oct 2018 2:57PM
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i am a beginner and am looking at buying an inflatable(no storage for normal board) , i dont want to spend too much for my first board. I have found a board at a 4wd superstore here in Brisbane called Adventure King. The measurements are 3200Length, 830 width, 150 D, weight 150kg, board volume 190Litres, 6"drop stitch and 15PSI. Just wondering if that sounds ok for a beginner who will only being using it on flat/slight choppy water.
Thank you

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5 Oct 2018 3:49PM
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You will definitely 'get what you pay for', so as long as you don't expect high-end iSUP performance it should be okay as a short-term learner board. It will likely be quite spongy & bouncy, and may not have as strong of a welded seam as the more expensive / higher quality brands.

That being said, I'm a big believer in saving to buy something that's going to suit your needs for longer. The initial outlay may be more, but it saves spending a few hundred on a lower quality SUP, then having to upgrade pretty quickly anyway, and you'll not get a lot on re-sale of the Adventure King.

You mentioned you're in Brisbane? Give Jason at SUP Centre Brisbane (BrisKites) a call - he stocks Naish, Starboard & Fanatic, and might have some of their iSUP's in demo for you to try, or could give some more informed advice than myself.

Failing that, Red Paddle Co. pretty much lead the iSUP pack and are great quality, but they're a little more expensive.

enjoy the research on what you want, and more importantly, enjoy the paddling! See you on the water

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5 Oct 2018 7:21PM
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Thank you I will. I just didn't want anything too expensive and I am a bit weary buying second hand as I don't know what to look for.

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7 Oct 2018 3:50PM
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Hi Bev
I came across the adventure king sup back in May 2018

couldnt find anything on the net about them so I research a lot of other isups and what they have different or what they offered the same as the adventure king

alot only have a single fin and I was led to believe that three would be better

price won in the end so I brought one for my 50th back in June been out at least 20times both river and mariners haven't looked back

ended up buying a second one for my wife who loves it too
It is a bit heavy for her if we are a long way from the water
but she can mange it in a short walk
about 10.5kg in weight
As a beginner and a novice it's been great for me
happy to hear from anyone that has or gets a problem with one
Get one so you get on the water is all I can say

I'm hoping it last at least 3 years and if it does it was a great buy if it does I have enjoyed my time one the water

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8 Oct 2018 2:44PM
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i ended up buying the Aqua Marina Vapor. i havent tested it yet as it has been raining. But pumped it up in the house and OH my god I knew it would be hard but not too the point i wanted to throw something, i'm sure i'll get used to it, I really dont have a choice, i know they make an electric pump but does anyone know of any other brands.

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6 Jan 2019 2:28PM
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I've had 2 and they both leak like a sieve, absolutely useless


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