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Advice on beginner board

Created by tetris10 3 months ago, 15 Feb 2020
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15 Feb 2020 8:31AM
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Hey folks, looking for some advice on boards. I'm ultra new to SUP and looking to buy my first board. I'm thinking an all rounder is the place to start off and if and when I get better/fitter I can start to look at other boards. At the moment I'm looking at some ocean paddling going a bit of a distance, I'd love to learn to surf at some point, so many boards so much to think about I'm generally confused. I've also a limited budget but was looking at something like the ECS evo 10'6" or sunny king bamboo series - I'm based in Melbourne - any advice?


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15 Feb 2020 2:07PM
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Hi there,

Can strongly recommend the ECS Evo.

It's one of our most popular package boards, it's well built, light and also is very adept in the waves.

Drop in and check one out in store.



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"Advice on beginner board" started by tetris10