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Anyone dealt with 'one' or 'deep' custom sups.

Created by Nugdam > 9 months ago, 20 Jun 2019
QLD, 509 posts
20 Jun 2019 7:10PM
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Been looking into getting something knocked up that's going to suit what I want out of a board. These two companies are basically local companies to me so thinking of supporting them and seeing if we can work something out for what I would like in a board.

Anyway.. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with them and seeing how they found the build quality of the boards and if you had any issues at all?

How did the board look after some solid use? Was it prone to dings,dents, bad chipping etc?

Would love to head some feedback.

Thanks crew.

WA, 5650 posts
20 Jun 2019 5:38PM
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Both are solid companies with heaps of reviews and feedback on these forums. Just ask Dogman or Paul.J.

QLD, 3024 posts
20 Jun 2019 7:54PM
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The owner of ONE is dodge as!! Haha I mean that Angie chick as I am ok says no one ever!!

I won't talk myself up but Hilly knows his stuff.


357 posts
20 Jun 2019 6:17PM
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I have a Deep Minion board - 7'2.

Really solid construction which feels light and yet very strong.

Love the parallel rail design in these Minions. They float really well and are a lot more stable than what you would think.

Just a good honest board.


VIC, 81 posts
20 Jun 2019 9:12PM
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I had a 10'6 dogman made and i have no regrets. Very solid and light for its size . (165 l). Would definitely recommend Deep paddle boards. The only negative is you have to wait for it to be made rather than buy one off the shelf . I think i waited 9 weeks but worth it in the end

VIC, 16468 posts
21 Jun 2019 4:47AM
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hilly said..
Both are solid companies with heaps of reviews and feedback on these forums. Just ask Dogman or Paul.J.

I agree. I've seen many happy friends get customs from both One and Deep.

I do know of one friend that wasn't happy with the weight and another with the paint colour being different to what they asked for.

I'd always recommend buying off the shelf though a shop so you can see and feel what you're buying and not having to wait for it (sometimes it's longer than promised) or have any concerns about shipping damage.

NSW, 23 posts
22 Jun 2019 8:37AM
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I have a custom Deep 2 years old, ride it all the time, not a chip or mark on it, construction is unreal and the customs are made on the gold coast.

QLD, 21 posts
22 Jun 2019 11:01AM
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I have a Deep Minion
its about 3 years old and not a mark on it. Rock solid construction

VIC, 627 posts
2 Jul 2019 11:02AM
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I have 3 One custom SUP's - 1 all-round/surf and two unlimiteds (Flat water & downwind/choppy water)

Being quite heavy, I'm not spoilt for choice when it comes to boards, which is why my last 3 board purchases have been customs.

I've had a big hand in the design of all 3. The One team have been happy to listen to what I want and have had the conviction to challenge my views when they feel strongly about some things. Collectively we've come up with some great results in that all three boards feel like stepping into a very comfy set of shoes. Each board is very different, but I'm very comfortable on all 3. Each do their job exceptionally well.

Easily the best 3 boards I've ever bought. Particularly after being subject to some questionable sales talk and actions by a couple of retailers in Melbourne & Torquay. (Fortunately the latter is gone.)

Build quality is excellent. Weight is very good.

I've stayed away from Deep because I've seen some hit & miss quality over the years from their locally built boards. The quality of the offshore made boards seems to be pretty good and consistent though.


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