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Deep Oceanboards Jackson Close

Created by djansen > 9 months ago, 16 Aug 2016
QLD, 77 posts
16 Aug 2016 5:18PM
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Rather than me waffle on I think I will just let this video explain enjoy

QLD, 758 posts
16 Aug 2016 6:11PM
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Daz! Long time no hear. It's all your fault I'm "knee deep" in boards! My JC is still my go to board, if only I could make it look as good......

QLD, 83 posts
16 Aug 2016 7:09PM
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Awesome love the way he surfs

NSW, 2704 posts
6 Sep 2016 6:21PM
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Damn, I see this wave in heaps of SUP vids. Dogman, Keahi and JC.
My guess is somewhere around Coffs... Will trawl the coast on Google Maps, the islands out the back could be a clue.
Oh, just spoke to Simon about a new 8'4 today. **** his boards are nice.

2075 posts
6 Sep 2016 7:35PM
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Great solid moves with classy, smooth style. Perfect!
The board looks as good.


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"Deep Oceanboards Jackson Close" started by djansen