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Do inflatables bend with repeated use?

Created by maotad 3 months ago, 5 Jul 2019
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5 Jul 2019 4:07AM
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Hey guy
My 2yo Starboard touring inflatable has gotten quite a bit of a bend in it. I inflate it to 17psi, but when standing at the handle, the nose and back are raised well out of the water. I do paddle it a lot and given that the pressure is always in the middle of the board, it's not too big of a shock, but I'm curious if this is something that happens to inflatables in general? Anything I can actually do about it?

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5 Jul 2019 7:21PM
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I'm not sure if this is relevant. I remember Dave Kalama doing an instructional video for Imagine inflatables and showing that you could add rocker by letting the board warm up in the sun a bit, then applying force, bending it. I also remember that if storing the board inflated, that it should be stored upside down on the rack to keep it's rocker intact.
Maybe you could try to flatten it out a bit by weighting it in the middle, upside down on a flat surface? Just a thought, and of unknown relevance.


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"Do inflatables bend with repeated use?" started by maotad