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Hypster twin transformer 7'10"

Created by goggo 2 months ago, 26 Mar 2020
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26 Mar 2020 2:55PM
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Been using this board for a few months now so have a better idea about capabilities. 109 L for a 95 Kg surfer and this board having a pulled in tail makes sup surfing in anything other than ideal conditions very challenging. When it's smooth it's great, like shifting fins forward in the small stuff, extra weight of tuttle and foil boxes not an issue for me but I'm not busting airs. When I first tried it the conditions were perfect so I thought it was going to be easy. My 7'4" Hypernut is a lot more stable at 106 L.

At my weight no drama wing dinging absolutely love it.

Foil sup-surf is actually easier than surfing it as the foil makes it heaps more stable. Loving this aspect as well.


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"Hypster twin transformer 7'10"" started by goggo