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Jimmy Lewis Super Frank 8'6" lean

Created by KenM > 9 months ago, 1 Apr 2018
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4 May 2018 5:51PM
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Look forward to hearing it!

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5 May 2018 9:49AM
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Bowerboy said..

KenM said..
Come on all of you 8'6" Super Frank Lean owners, where are you?

I am not sure there are many. This is one of the most seriously underrated boards out there, across every measure, but for some reason other brands have a much higher profile. I am so glad I found it!

I agree had the 8' for 12 months now still blows me away .

VIC, 988 posts
5 May 2018 6:08PM
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I like to try both the 8 and 8'6 for 80kg beginner to intermediate paddler.
Cmon JL australia harry up down here at vico for a demo days

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7 May 2018 9:22AM
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while i havent ridden the SF-I did make the choice to go JP 8' Surf Wide at 123 l Vs the Vs the nearly identical JL SF Wide at 8 foot.

I have a 9'1 supertech I love for big swells when im in full rubber on the east coast of the US. I found a JP that was significantly cheaper than than the SF and i kinda wished I went with the JL.

#1- Handle. the JP has a teeny Ledge handle...doesnt work with gloves
#2- As mentioned- LOTS of yaw. really suprising. Tippiest >120l board I have ever had - really suprising
#3 On wave- good fun- not overwhelming- but as I expected.

If the JL is more stable at rest or to paddle and has I know has the JL handle- I would trade in a heartbeat even not suring it- as I know the shape works.

7 May 2018 11:44AM
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Hi Jeg,
Email me & I'll see what i can organise for you....

12 May 2018 5:45PM
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The Jimmy Lewis Super Frank looks great from all angles

WA, 13 posts
16 May 2018 11:19AM
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It sure does, looks like that shape rips with the extra tail rocker. I'd like one, how long can I take it for a demo?


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"Jimmy Lewis Super Frank 8'6" lean" started by KenM