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KeNalu wiki vs Mana

Created by toolate 4 months ago, 20 Nov 2020
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20 Nov 2020 9:33AM
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looking for a Sup surf paddle. anyone can compare these two?

VIC, 319 posts
20 Nov 2020 1:11PM
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I have both the Wiki 84 and the Mana 90.

I use the Wiki for surfing because it has a shorter wider blade (so less to get in the way but good power when you need it).

The Mana I use for flat water and downwinding (so 12'6" and 14" boards). It has a longer narrower blade that allows you to really bury it and keep your paddle shaft vertical.

Have never used them the other way around as this just works. Most of the crew I've seen with these paddles use them the same way.

VIC, 1084 posts
20 Nov 2020 2:14PM
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I have both and would say the same as above, great paddles.

VIC, 289 posts
20 Nov 2020 4:16PM
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Ditto..have both

QLD, 568 posts
20 Nov 2020 5:17PM
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I use the ho'oloa in the surf

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22 Nov 2020 2:17AM
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If I was only going to have one paddle I would stick with the Mana. I have both, the wiki is very blunt in comparison and not as stable. I repurposed it to flat water foil take-offs only. Mana 82 is powerful enough to cover most humans imo. You can't go wrong with it.


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"KeNalu wiki vs Mana" started by toolate