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Lokahi ombak

Created by benjl A week ago, 8 Oct 2018
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8 Oct 2018 3:45PM
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anyone know about these or ever tested one?
a dude has just started selling them here and curious to know feedback as I've never heard of them!

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8 Oct 2018 4:01PM
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Never tested one, but they are French, it is the brand started by Cyril Coste, a French kiteboarder (ex-Naish rider).

Cyril Coste has a kite shop in the north of France, so Lokahi is mostly known there, never saw one in the south, so I won't comment.

Note that Cyril has now also founded Takuma for all the foil-related gear, Takuma being more widely distributed, it may be better known than Lokahi nowadays.


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"Lokahi ombak" started by benjl