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Naish 9' 3" vs Gerry Lopez 8' 11"

Created by jmill10s > 9 months ago, 10 Dec 2009
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10 Dec 2009 10:21AM
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Anybody know the weight of the Naish 9' 3".

I was favoring this board over the Gerry Lopez but then found out the
Lopez was a super light 20 lbs....

Uncomfirmed source told me the naish was more than 28 lbs...

Sound right to anybody?

170 lb rider looking for more surfing possibilities but don't want to loose
too much paddle glide. Surfing mostly small 2-5 ft surf in east FL (USA).

Thanks guys

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24 Dec 2009 5:18AM
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I have the 9'3 it ways about 20 pounds.


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10 Jan 2010 11:21PM
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Where can you find Naish on the Florida East Coast? I bought a Naish 11'6" over the internet and am looking to move down to loosen up the ride, but as you said, maintain the glide. I really like the Naish shapes and quality. I only see a shop down in Miami but that is a long way from surf.


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"Naish 9' 3" vs Gerry Lopez 8' 11"" started by jmill10s