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New Naish Surf Wing, Duotone wing

Created by IanInca A week ago, 8 Jun 2019
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8 Jun 2019 10:44PM
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I thought I'd share my experience on the new toy which I think alot of SUPers will love.

I had a demo on the Duotone 4m foil wing yesterday. We used my friend's Whopper and took the wing out in choppy onshore 15 knots. I had a blast, loved it and have placed a pre-order. I would have ordered any of the brands but Duotone are in stock quicker. I'm not a kite surfer, wind surfer and I don't foil. I sup surf and do the odd sup race. I was with a friend who is a good wind surfer (non-foiler) and his wind knowledge meant he picked it up quicker than me but I still managed to go UPWIND! For me I will practice with a normal Sup for a month or 2 and then learn to foil sup it without waves then take it in some surf. I hadn't really intended to learn sup foiling but the bonus of ctuising around as well as waves makes the learning a foil less onerous Some experienced foil kiters jumped on it (one is a well known European champ) and they loved it - I think that tells you alot. Having tried kite surfing and found it all a bit too much equipment and a bit unnatural compared to surfing this is very intuitive. The demo shop literally gave me the wing and said we will be back in an hour! - ended up being 2hrs...! You kind of find what feels right by instinct, crucially I never felt out of control. It is a bit of a workout which I don't mind and probably this was partly due to me learning.

Sometimes whether it in a serious surf lineup, popular kite spot or competitive race it can seem a bit serious. I'm definetely more chilled in the water and love sharing the Stoke. I think this toy will get people smiling and having fun together, we didn't stop laughing! It's going to appeal to alot of people, go demo one..

VIC, 4 posts
2 hours ago , 18 Jun 2019 11:14PM
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Thanks for the feedback. Have been deciding if and which wing i would go with between yours and the Naish. I like you aren't on a foil board ut have plenty of SUPs in my quiver so all systems are go now and will worry about the foil for later.

Cheers for passing on the stoke.


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"New Naish Surf Wing, Duotone wing" started by IanInca