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New Surftech boards.

Created by DavidJohn > 9 months ago, 9 Sep 2012
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9 Sep 2012 8:13AM
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Here's the 2013 range.. Love the Mini Mitcho.. At last a race board for kids..



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9 Sep 2012 6:22AM
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Looks like they added a bit of width to the surf sups DJ

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9 Sep 2012 7:26AM
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Eliminator 14' race board looks sweet with extra width as well. looks like the bark/laird experiment didn't really work and back to just new bark race boards this year.

I better stop posting/surfing net and get out training....;-)

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9 Sep 2012 11:01PM
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Hi Guys,

We have been selling the new 2013 Surftech boards for the last short while. They make bloody nice boards and I can tell you the 2013 are a vast improvement over the 2012 models. The Australian site is not up to date with the new models.

We have bought and sold the new 2013 Bark Competitor and Dominator, the new Candice Appleby and the Bark/Laird racers in both 12'6" and 14ft. All are exceptional boards and have sold really fast and been hard to replace as supply is short.

The new surf shapes in the Roxy boards and the Gerry Lopez are much more up to date and have much better overall appeal. Of the 9 Bark raceboards we received recently, we have only one Tufflite Bark/Laird 14 and one pro elite 12'6" Bark/Laird left.

All buyers are very happy with their purchases. We are currently in the midst of reviewing these boards. Perhaps some of the new owners would like to drop a review on their new toys on SB.



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"New Surftech boards." started by DavidJohn