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Popularity of 10ft boards

Created by bramber 3 months ago, 12 Mar 2019
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18 Apr 2019 9:20PM
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donut4u said..

copperdog1 said..
I got into SUP mid last year (after 45 years of short boarding). Following research, 10ft seemed to be the length for my weight, so I got one. I now realise I could have gone shorter (8.6 or 9), but that hasn't stopped me having heaps of fun both in waves and flatwater cruising with my 10ft Waterborne Evoke

so would you say you've become more woke because of your evoke?


That's a really bad pun - how about 'reborn on my waterborne'?

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20 Apr 2019 5:38AM
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I've just reduced my fleet of boards.
The only hard board left is the 10' stylemaster.
This is the board that works best in most conditions, means wave count is high, can have fun turning and walking it.
I have done the lowest volume poss with windsurfing, but it just reduces your days on the water.
The 10' sup fir me just works ??


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"Popularity of 10ft boards" started by bramber