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SUNOVA TORPEDO paddleboard

Created by Balsaboards N.Z. 3 months ago, 9 Feb 2020
Balsaboards N.Z.
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9 Feb 2020 10:03AM
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Report (not me) on the new Sunova Torpedo Faast 25,5 TR3 Incredibly brilliant In - Out , Do-it-all , Go everywhere , All weather / All wave conditions board. Stability
Coming from extensive Formula 1 Ocean Faast 24" use, anything now seems stable.
I think 25,5" it is ok for anyone but a starter above 85-90 kgr. Personally I like it very much , gives me the confidence to use it 35 knots and up , where I use to keep my Ocean F out.
Flat water:
Paddles effortlessly , keeps pace easily , surprisingly fast despite shaped with downwind surf in mind. Choppy water
Apocalypse ! Goes anywhere you head into , I have paddled it dead into wind up 18-20 knots , front-side wind chop , throw anything on it and it keeps going!
Nose is perfect . cuts through excellently , most importantly low side footprint makes it staying decently unaffected by side wind.
Flex against chop sits between that of Balsa Allround Faast and Balsa high side rails supportive Ocean Faast. Very happy with that flex if you ask me. Surfing
Excellent performer for a 14" stick. Instantly reacted to foot steering . Less rounded rails than Ocean Faast - but keeps board more forgiving to turbulent situations.
Pics up the slightest swell. Brilliant toy ! Weight/Construction
Anybody holding it wowed ! This is maybe the lightest thing except (maybe) ridiculously weak construction JP boards.
Construction seems/feels definitely stronger than XXX Race. Some commented that it doesn't look high luxury XXX but who cares, we talk about a super light , apparently stronger Race board. Design
Excellent , I am in love with it ! Remains to be tested in high wind downwind and revert. Overall
This is the board I would buy as an individual after testing ! I can go any direction , surfing it , going out and coming in downwinding it, an ultimate all weather, all rounder doubling as multi conditions / DWD race machine.

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9 Feb 2020 11:48AM
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Sounds positive!!!
Would be a great summer complement for my winter Allround 14x27.
If I had $ and if I did not own already a Naish Maliko (2018) and a Naish Javelin (2014 the good one).

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9 Feb 2020 5:14PM
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looks beautiful xx..I'll be looking into that ..95 kgs dudes ,be ok on it .and are there more sizes ??


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