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Simon Anderson 9 foot carrier

Created by Craigos > 9 months ago, 10 May 2012
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10 May 2012 10:07PM
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Hi I'm after some feedback on the sa 9 foot carrier I am 75 kg and wondering if this is the board for me. I am relatively a newbie been surfing my 10 foot southpoint bonga Perkins with step rails in 3 ft plus for about 5 months and looking something that turns a bit better and a bit more stable any feed back would be great

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11 May 2012 9:43AM
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PSH would be the go for you Craigos you will grow into it and continue "Living the stoke"
Whether its a 9'6" WAA or Ripper or even have a crack at the Hull Rippers you cant go wrong.

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12 May 2012 1:34AM
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The 9'0" RDP Simon Anderson is a really nice board. I've surfed it a few timesand I'm 80+ kegs. It's a bit more performance orientated than the carrier. Best bet would be to demo one and decide for yourself as everyone has their opinions and surfs differently.Enjoy!!


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"Simon Anderson 9 foot carrier" started by Craigos