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Simon Anderson Nimitz a beginners mini review

Created by waxer > 9 months ago, 28 May 2011
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28 May 2011 7:06PM
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After much forum checking and dreaming I finally bought a Anderson Nimitz (12'x30"x41/4").I was able to get it at a good price secondhand and it fit the dimensions I was looking at.(I liked the Laird Pearson and even toyed with the PSH gun).I surf long longboards so surfing a long sup didn't seem too out there.It has been windy and choppy for a whole week since I bought it ,today was the best opportunity ,small wave, bumpy but little wind.
As I jumped on board ,I was a little concerned as we have a Naish Nalu 11'6" which has a lot more volume .I am 6'5" and 92kgs and nearing retirement,a polite way of saying old.My first impression was it seemed a little more tender than the Naish ,but had a kind of secondary stability ,in other words it tipped but seemed to stop if that makes sense.Paddling was fun as it cruised along very nicely,seemed quite quick.After a short paddle to the little break it was time to take on the 1' to 1.5' mushy little waves.I try to pick a spot where no one else is at my stage of learning.The board was very easy to turn around to paddle for a wave (I had set it up as a single fin ) and the paddling speed seemed to really help in catching the little waves.Once on the wave the board turned well and was great fun, getting across tiny breaking sections and riding almost to the beach,turn around (or wobble around) head out and catch another.Went left went right ,caught a rail a few times ,but all in all a fun session.Paddling back I was getting used to the board and thinking since I started Sup I've had good surfs on very ordinary waves that really no one else was interested in.The "Nimitz" fit the bill perfectly.


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