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Starboard Avanti

Created by jdm 1 month ago, 20 Jan 2021
NSW, 27 posts
20 Jan 2021 1:18PM
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Hey everyone, just thought I would throw this out there to confirm my thoughts, I have the opportunity to buy an immaculate Avanti for a good price, I usually ride a 9'10 speed but haven't been in the water for 4 months because of a shoulder reconstruction, I'm now tipping the scales at 127 and 6'3, thought the avanities would be good to get back into small waves and a bit of glide? Thoughts?

WA, 128 posts
21 Jan 2021 9:16AM
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height and weight perfect for that board

2151 posts
22 Jan 2021 10:00PM
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The Avanti is a really good big man board.
Surfs great for a huge board... I rode mine up to 8' and paddled the flats a lot as well.
Nice board.... but heavy if not the carbon model. Don't let it hit you!

VIC, 170 posts
26 Jan 2021 8:20AM
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The last few years on the Bay I was riding a Carbon Avanti or a Naish Nalu 10'6 at 75 kg's ???

You do not have to be a big fella to appreciate the Avanti

Watch the Breeze market place for a used Carbon Avanti sale in the next few weeks.


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"Starboard Avanti" started by jdm