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Sunova Speeed and Fins

Created by CaptainJimbo 9 months ago, 2 May 2018
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10 May 2018 11:50PM
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I am not sure why no one has suggested getting a bigger Speeed. There is a 9'2" 2016 Speeed for sale on the buy and sell for about $1200.......and includes a very good paddle. The Speeed really is a great board and the 8'10" is shouldn't have too much trouble selling it. There really is something special about this design. I have three Sunova boards and the Speeed right now gets the most time on the water.



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11 May 2018 8:28AM
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SunnyBouy said..
I'm now going with a different/bigger board having read the replies and comments.

At 70 you should be enjoying every moment, a wider board will be the best choice IMO. You should get a decent price for the Speeed as they're in demand.. Hope you get another Sunova.. 8'10 Flow perhaps ..

Thanks Sunny, you've confirmed what I've been thinking. I'm definitely going to demo before I buy this time. If I can demo another Sunova I will, but all brands are in the mix atm. I think I won't be up for a newie for a couple of months and maybe the Speeed will grow on me in the meantime. [But I doubt it] I really appreciate all the advice from more experienced sup riders.

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11 May 2018 2:56PM
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I agree with FRP on this . The Speeed is an extremely versatile board . I just can't sell mine. Maybe try demoing a bigger Speeed ?
As a side I wonder how a custom Speeed would go with a design tweak . Incorporate a flat deck like the Flow and then have a step down at the rail similar to the Shroom or the JP fusion


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