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Waterborn Oceanic Air SUP

Created by LivEllen > 9 months ago, 14 Jan 2020
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14 Jan 2020 7:00PM
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Hi All,

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience/thoughts on the Waterborn Oceanic Air SUP?

I'm a beginner SUPer with some surfing experience. 24yo female, 175cm tall and roughly 60-65kgs. I will mostly be using the board on South Australian beaches with a mix of flat water and waves! I can't find many reviews for this board online.

I would also be open to suggestions for a beginner board that is good quality, will last a long time and hopefully that I will continue to use as I gain experience.

Thanks in advance!

WA, 68 posts
17 Jan 2020 12:19PM
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Hi Ellen

I don't have any experience with inflatable SUP's but have had a few Waterborn boards. The quality and price point, from my point of view, is unbeatable.

Do you have to go inflatable? I would have some good suggestions if you didn't! Cheers

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17 Jan 2020 3:53PM
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I have no experience of the brand itself, but I would add a bit of caution: inflatables can be great for surfing, but they are not the easiest solution to learn surfing with. They kind of dampen the feelings and add some latency in control, so if you already know how to surf it is easy to anticipate and compensate, and avoid the pitfalls (the front section sticks to the water when it touches it) but it complicates the learning phase.

So, if you already know how to surf, why not? If not, you can use the inflatable for cruising around and learning the very basics of surfing in very, very gentle waves, but you would envision a hard board when you want to learn how to turn a board.

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18 Mar 2020 2:45PM
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Hi Ellen,

I'm looking to buy the same Sup and was wondering if you ended up purchasing it and what it's like.



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