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Whose still got a PSH?

Created by wazza66 5 months ago, 1 Aug 2019
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9 Sep 2019 11:14AM
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My first SUP / first PSH (of 3). Still have it and use it.

10' x 28.5" x 41/4" pulled nose/swallow tail. Prototype from '08.

Blane/Austin would ship us boards via UAL to Boston and we would have them in 24 hours!

What was a beautiful orange is now a peachy mauve color.

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11 Sep 2019 11:38AM
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saltyjack said..
Hi spotted this thread and had to throw in Im 66 been surfing all my life and still riding my 10'3" hull ripper ive had for years so much fun on my local point also when it gets big and hollow and cyclone season my 10'6" gun ripper is an absolute weapon surfed the river mouth at Mooloolaba during oma just love these boards im a boat builder and really get what blane was putting into his hydro dynamics no other shapers even come close to his innovation

Ha ha that is mine from 2010

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11 Sep 2019 3:46PM
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Yep Hilly thats the one so much fun on the big days and still performs on ankle days too

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11 Sep 2019 6:34PM
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How nice is that total orange board.

Keep the thread going guys ..... anyone still got a sub 9 footer in their quiver?

Hilly , just the boards for those WA waves i expect.



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"Whose still got a PSH?" started by wazza66