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Burglar Wanted

Created by Stand Up 5 months ago, 9 Jan 2019
Stand Up
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9 Jan 2019 2:41PM
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Hi Guys, Unfortunately someone broke into our car park at Stand Up Paddle Sports very early on Saturday morning. They then smashed two windows in our van and stole 2 x SUPs, 9 x Paddles and a range of smaller stuff.
If by chance you come across this gear it would be appreciated if you could contact the Police or myself.

The two SUPs in particular would be very easy to identify-
2019 All Star 14.0 x 26 Carbon (Serial number finishing in 0004)
2019 Inflatable 9.5 x 32 Surf Deluxe.No Bag. Only one in WA. Has plenty of nose rocker.

Paddles -
2019 End Carbon Fixed M
2019 End Arma Carbon Fixed M
2019 End Balsa Fixed M
2019 End Tiki Lite Adj Skinny Wave M
2019 Lima Tiki Tech Adj M
2019 Tufskin Adj M
2019 Lima LTD Carbon Fixed M
2019 Lima LTD Carbon Fixed L
2018 Lima 27.5 Carbon Fixed M

Thanks in advance to the SUP community for keeping an eye out, and hopefully recovering our gear.

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10 Jan 2019 12:11PM
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13 Jan 2019 4:44PM
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Sorry guys, that sucks!

Bummer too, that who would know the value of that equipment besides another paddler..... and that really sucks

That gear will begin to show up sometime.... I hope they get caught and flogged.


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