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Disgruntled Short-Boarders

Created by jb1979 > 9 months ago, 18 Aug 2020
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11 Sep 2020 3:30PM
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All waves are fair game. Dont feel sorry for shortboarders, they run over boogers, so they are fair game in my book. Ive got 12ft Avanti, that weighs a ton and they cant get away from me quick enough.
When did the shortboard protocol, stop using nose guards. Its just disrespectful.
Longboarders run over shortboarders and sup riders run over longboarders.
We are the APEX of the waterman pyramid. Just look at Laird and Robby Naish, Tom Carrol too. Most ex shortboard pros paddle.
If they complain or say your a dickhead. Just pick up a board with a foil. That shuts them up pretty quick in my experience. Jeez that looks like fun I often here from jealous shortboarders. Still i am lucky to be up north coast with plenty of waves. We are having a serious influx of van lifers though.

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11 Sep 2020 3:41PM
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In the interest of "fairness" I will gladly let waves go through so others can get waves. But after the third or fourth set if no one catches them, screw it I'm going to go for more.

Typically I find that it is the long boarders that whinge the most, short boarders are usually ok.

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19 Sep 2020 1:51PM
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In The Netherlands i sup at my local wide open spot together with longboarders and shortboarders. Normally no issues but lately it is busier and then there is friction sometimes. funny thing is that with most local surfers I can enjoy the lineup, but some overactive newcomers surfers give a big mouth...
luckily most sessions are only fun!
keep up the smile and a little chat.


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