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Favourite Board you wish you never sold

Created by wazza66 5 months ago, 3 Nov 2018
QLD, 455 posts
3 Nov 2018 4:53PM
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Thought I might throw this one out there to run with the 3/5 board quiver.

Mine was my 8'6 Magic Carpet Luke Egan Shape. Fast, stable easy to ride and bullet proof construction. Never see any of them around anymore except Iron Phil recently at the Alley. He loves his as well.

VIC, 2097 posts
4 Nov 2018 10:53AM
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My starby atlas. A swiss-army knife of a board for the larger paddler. Paddled it, raced it, surfed it, toured it, fished it, carried kids on it, it even served a couple of stints as Santa's sleigh.

NSW, 95 posts
4 Nov 2018 11:45AM
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9'1 al merrick Caddi with the old green olive deck pad, and ecs 9'1 pw2 in carbon. Both on point boards that did everything. And i also wish i had 10x laird hamiltion surftech 10ft and 10'6 models boxed and hidden in my shed. Would be able to make some serious coin on those..


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"Favourite Board you wish you never sold" started by wazza66