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Impact vests I am considering plus would like your suggestions

Created by Masonboro 4 months ago, 9 Sep 2019
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9 Sep 2019 12:00AM
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I was wanting to wear an impact vest for SUP surfing and would appreciate your help. I have worn one for kiteboarding with a seat harness. For SUP surfing, I also wear a Leashlok waist leash belt so a bulky impact vest around the waist (like a wake boarding vest) may not work because obviously the Leashlok leash belt goes around your waistline. I also would like to have it so the impact vest is tight around the waist so it doesn't ride up. I have also read that some SUP surfers in the USA wear an impact vest under their wetsuit in order to be more streamlined in really big surf. I won't be doing this because my conditions aren't like that plus wearing the impact vest under your wetsuit seems to make wetsuit sizing and getting into your wetsuit challenging.

Does anyone have experience with any of the following impact vests or can you make a suggestion based on your own experience?

1. Patagonia Yulex impact vest -
Concerned about sizing as I weigh 97 kg and am 191 cm tall.

2. Promotion kite vest (with velcro cinch point around the waist) -

3. Forward WIP impact vest -
My concern with the Forward WIP is the impact panels are harder than regular foam and may be uncomfortable if prone or getting back on your SUP board. Also given its short waisted design, I am not sure if this Forward WIP vest will ride up a lot.

4. Neil Pryde Mission Wake side zip -
This may have the issue of not being able to cinch down the Leashlok waist leash belt because of the padding close to the waist.

5. I am returning a Mystic Majestic zip free vest -
Very nice fit in XXL and nice quality but the neoprene around the waistline is thin and and isn't really tight - seems like it will ride up because of this.

Thank you for all of your feedback!

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9 Sep 2019 3:45AM
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Impact vests are a good investment for SUP surfing. The boards have a lot of mass. The only one on the list that I have experience with (sort of) is the Patagonia vest. I have the short John vest with the half legs. You enter the suit through the arm hole for this and the vest. Unless you have very good flexibility don't go there. I ordered a small (70 kg). It was impossible to get on. The medium is just possible. At 97 kg if you did go this route get the largest size possible. What I like about this vest. 1. It doesn't ride up (obviously as it has legs) 2. The waist leash fits well around the padding. 3. The back and sacrum, and pelvis are well padded. 4. Fits under my wetsuit 5. Easy to remove padding if you want (I took the padding out of the legs)
6. Well made. 7. Patagonia has a very good return policy

If you wear an impact vest under your wetsuit (I have a Gooru vest also) to prevent it riding up I put a tight pair of briefs on over it before putting on the wetsuit)


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9 Sep 2019 10:02AM
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O'Neill Men's Gooru Tech Comp Vest

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10 Sep 2019 6:16PM
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I'm 6'4 and 100kg and I have the patagonia in XL. I wear it pretty much anytime I SUP Surf. Fits under my wettie and my rashie and I forget I wear it most of the time.

it rides up occaisionally when Im in a rashy, but only in bigger surf.

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11 Sep 2019 6:28AM
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I use an NP front zip, wave sailing and sup surfing. Wouldn't go out without it. Wear it under my rashy and don't even know it's there. Rabidly approaching 60 and have no intension of slowing down. It just gives me a little bit of confidence and pops me back to the top a little quicker. Highly recomend it. Alot of my mates on lay down boards are getting into them too!


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