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Paint peeling on Alley SUP

Created by radish Two weeks ago, 6 Feb 2024
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6 Feb 2024 11:59AM
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Hi everyone, I am just wondering if anyone has come across what I am currently dealing with.
I have an alley SUP, just on 2 years old. Board is great.
Anyway I really try and look after my boards. After this mornings surf I noticed what I thought to be a ding up the front of the board nd underside. I can't post photos as I am a newbie.
Anyway upon closer inspection I noticed there was no ding, no damage other than a section of the spray paint peeled off. When I ran my hand over the area, more paint flakes came off.
I took the board back to the supplier and was told
1. I have hit it with something, the paddle, I said NO, here is the paddle for you to inspect.
2. I have had it on roof racks to long, NO. board has never been on racks.
3. Left in board bag in the heat, NO. board is in the bag while in the back of my ute to and from surf. When home board stays in bag and stood up in my garage along with my Stuart SF and my Wayne Dean " Hot Buttered " single fin.
If I am correct, a board is colour sprayed then finish coat applied. I am not saying this hasn't been done, my concern is in 55 or so years of surfing, I have never had a board do anything remotely like this.
So does anyone have any idea why?
FYI the damage is off the rail, rule out paddle, which btw, they told me was the wrong paddle for surfing, i said it's they sold it with.

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8 Feb 2024 4:31PM
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Hard to comment without photos. Some of the decals on my boards (different brand) are painted on top of the glass layer and some have started to peel off. Some have disappeared completely and only the memories remain.

TAS, 7168 posts
8 Feb 2024 8:32PM
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You are not alone. Take it to a reputable repairer and get professional advice. You will not get it here.


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