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Port Macquarie

Created by Crossy8 7 months ago, 3 Oct 2019
QLD, 4 posts
3 Oct 2019 8:39AM
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Hey guys can anyone tell me where the best place to hire a board (surf sup) in Port Macquarie. Also where the best surf breaks are?


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3 Oct 2019 8:58AM
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Not sure where to rent a board but I recently surfed there and Flynn and lighthouse were my favourite beaches to paddle at.

Dancing Bear
NSW, 6 posts
3 Oct 2019 10:51PM
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Lighthouse on a NE & Shelly's & Town beach are the pics on a southerly. Flynn's is not ideal, it's a small beach and if the flags are up there's little room to surf or SUP. Not sure about hire ? There is a Sup school run by Tony Begg & Jordan's out on the river might be worth a call for info ? Good luck ..... there's always a wave somewhere in Port.

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4 Oct 2019 7:17PM
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Go north up the coast to the point breaks, be careful crowded in the holidays, lighthouse can get rippy, town beach provides good long rides. North haven in a good swell, watch for friendly fins around the river mouth.


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