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Recommendations on a sup surfing/honey moon destination

Created by Nugdam 7 months ago, 6 Jan 2020
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6 Jan 2020 8:22PM
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Hey all,

I am getting married this coming June. For some reason the misses has given the ok to take a board with me and to find a neat destination for our honey moon around the start of July.

I'm looking for suggestions on sup friendly spots. Medium skill level kind of waves..nothing too hectic. But also an awesome place for us to chill out and explore for a week.

Would love to hear any ideas I can look into. Will be flying out from Brisbane or driving if its somewhere in Australia.

VIC, 974 posts
6 Jan 2020 9:48PM
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What a woman, hang on tight!!!! Does she have a sister?

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6 Jan 2020 7:29PM
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Costa Rica

WA, 15 posts
6 Jan 2020 7:38PM
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Depends where you want to go and what you want to spend.
My now wife and I did one of the Moon tours in the Maldives as part of our honeymoon last May. Nice waves, great way to spend time together, she dived and fished whilst I surfed 6+hours a day. We then carted our boards to France where we then sent them back to Perth and continued travelling.
Other honeymoon type suggestions would be Sri Lanka, Indo (Maybe Sumba, Lombok, Nusa Lembongan depending on what you/her are after).
Best of luck!

some pics from Maldives.

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6 Jan 2020 9:48PM
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Had my honeymoon in Bali 10 years ago. Surf was firing everyday and I surfed almost all good spots in the Bukit: Uluwatu, Bingin, Dreamland and Balangan. The only place I didn't went was Padang Padang.
My wife was OK with me surfing, the only problem was that I mainly surfed in low tide because she wanted to wake up late; I still can't believe how I didn't got hurt on the corals!
When I surfed in Uluwatu she was super annoyed because she had to wait for me for almost 3 hours sitting on a chair, since there's no beach there, but she loved all the other places, especially Balangan.
Probably the Maldives would be a perfect place for you. There's some great resorts with world class waves, and you can surf and your new wife can be happy too.

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7 Jan 2020 7:30AM
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Top 4 Spots for my recommendation with four criteria. Romantic vibe. Sup surfing potential. Potential of other activities that can be done together. Local vibe.

4. Hawaii, Just don't go to the north sure in winter and expect it not to be packed.
Romantic Vibe. 5 out of 5. I think its got to do with those huge men over there but the girls just seem to go crazy. Hours of sup riding in the morning followed by afternoon beach snoozes and night time romance. Go to Kona if you like fun adventure, Maui is best for the food and vibe, and Oahu cant be beat for those local breaks (turtle bay is good too). You can also hire a tandem and go surfing with the missus.
Sup surfing potential. 6 out of 5 High and a good variety of mellow waves, Points, reef, beach, famous spots to take selfies. Just say hi to locals and front up your on your honeymoon.
Other activities. 5 out of 5. There is too much to do for a week long honeymoon. Blowhole, Waimea, Turtle Beach, the beach bus. Ala Mona.
Local Vibe. 4 out of 5. Just do it island style. (Watch the youtube clip)

3. Tahiti/New Caledonia. I put these two together as they are both French/American colonial pacific islands. The food is Amazing (Just think France without all those pompous Frenchies). New caledonia is more foody than Tahiti, but couldn't complain about the food in Tahiti. The surf is a bit better in Tahiti. Romantic Vibe. New Caledonia/Moorea 5 out of 5. Bora Bora 6 out of 5. (its the most beautiful island in the world and also the top spot to honeymoon. Moorea is tops too. Tropical island, clear blue water, Sunsets. Seclusion is also easier to find in Tahiti and New Caledonia than the other spots.
Sup Surfing potential. New Caledonia, 4 out of 5. Beach, reef. Tahiti, 5 out 5. waves all year round with a huge variance in intensity. New Caledonia has a beach break, Tahiti none. Bora Bora also has two surf spots.
Other activities. New Caledonia. 5 out of 5. Moorea. 6 out of 5. There is so much to do. Fish, snorkel, dive waterski, surf, Sup. Bora Bora. is also a honeymooners playground. Sup from bedroom. (Not sure of the logistics to get SUP to Bora Bora though).
Local Vibe. Tahitians are lovely. See if you can visit around July when they celebrate both American fourth of July and Bastille day. Party week. New caledonians are also lovely, like going to France and everyone is chillaxed.

2. Vanuatu. I just love the local people and the value is fantastic. Best snorkelling in the South pacific. Reef is extensive and shallow so the fish are not too far away. Romantic Vibe. 5 out of 5. 6 out of 5 if you stay at the Warwick Le Lagon. My sister was conceived at this resort after my mum tubes were tied. There is magic in the air. Vila is tops. Vanuatu locals are super friendly.
Sup Surfing Potential. 3 out 5. waves can be small, reef breaks.
Other Activities: The snorkelling, fishing, other sporting activities are just too good to pass up.
Local Vibe: Super chilled and friendly. The people are Vanuatu are super relaxed. The atmosphere is just so chilled here and its cheap enough to come back for anniversaries too.

1. I know what your thinking Maldives/Reunion Island. (Jeez have you seen the photos of that place. (Crazy). But who wants to punish themselves on their honeymoon. The Maldives is now more packed than Bondi on christmas eve. Dutch christmas anyone, (Yes and if you want to come over to OZ and start christmas traditions on Australia's most iconic beach (I will continue to call you Dutch, not people from the Netherlands). Or watching perfect wave after wave go unridden at one of many Reunion perfect waves. As the noah's have moved in. (Indian head on Fraser is cheaper and just as sharky.) No skip these elusive paradises for another more magical destination.

Munich Germany. There is a wave on the river in the centre to town. Amazing paddling on its surrounding lakes just waiting to be discovered. The beer, the food. Just don't go anywhere near the place during Oktoberfest usually in September now for some reason. Also do not at any time in summer try to out do a German sun baker. They have it down to an art (in particular at the nude beaches).
Romantic Vibe: 5 out of 5. Munich has it all. Long walks through the English Garten, Shopping, Food (as long as you like german food and beer). Location, Bavaria is just tops, closer to Prague than Berlin (good for a couple of days too). The germans here are friendly, Oh and the beer is amazing. Culture.
Sup Surfing potential. 2 out of 5. The river is quite a fun wave and a new experience. Amazing flat water paddling around Germany.
Other Activities. Culture/Museums/ Biking/walking, Beer drinking ( A legitimate and encouraged past time in Bavaria.) Soccer. Skiing. Germans like sports so there is a huge amount going on.
Local Vibe: 5 out of 5. The locals speak better English than we do here. Beer drinking is the national past time and Munich is one of the wealthiest cities in Europe. The government provides the people of Germany with many crazy benefits which makes them so damm nice.

Oh I forgot to mention Germans love getting nude. So nude Supping is an option. One last thing be careful about going to Prague or the check republic as the girls from there are bavarian hybrids which makes them very attractive, with amazing bodies, particularly the breasts. Think German (Munich) but not as buxom and frumpy. Munich girls are lovely but your new partner is not going to feel intimidated but in Prague thinks can be tricky.

Good luck with it all and have a great honeymoon. Now I've just got to get married four times to try these honeymoon stops for myself. Time to head over to Prague.

VIC, 1934 posts
7 Jan 2020 1:04PM
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The Maldives would be a good spot, however, July is great for surfing but not always great for holidays - it can get a bit stormy/windy.

The hotel at Kandoomas has a break right out front and others in the neighborhood. There can be quite a few surfers staying there, but people I know say it does not get too crowded. Having the break out front means you maximize surf time - your wife is not waiting while you take boat trips off to the other breaks.

There is a much fancier, romantic, (expensive), private resort up north of the central atolls very close to a surf break (Yin Yang) which is fun and should only have other surfers if a boat visits.

Remember, when you go to the Maldives you have to like the beach, swimming, snorkeling, diving, or surfing. In most cases there is no "exploring" or cultural experience - just relax, have fun, and partake in the water sports. That is a plus for some, minus for others.

QLD, 103 posts
7 Jan 2020 3:21PM
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Mate, I have no idea where to go but can I just say............ congratulations to you on your upcoming nuptials and congratulations on finding a girl who supports your craft!

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7 Jan 2020 10:08PM
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July is tops for all my selections.

Club med new honeymooner location, has moved from Bora Bora to the maldives. Check it out online.

Pricey but club med is soo good. Youd have to check if sup is included.

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8 Jan 2020 4:53AM
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I've had a few mates go to Samoa ,reckon its great .. It will be a bit cheaper than bora bora .
you would have to take a board .8'7 placid ??

NSW, 968 posts
8 Jan 2020 9:28AM
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Buy as many boards as you can before the big day and stash them.
Get them all in same colour could have four and they think you have 1. Acid / Placid / Flow / Creek.... just one board right

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8 Jan 2020 7:08AM
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Closer to home, Noosa?

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9 Jan 2020 7:10AM
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The Seychelles could be worth a look. Some of the nicest people, beautiful beaches and great hotels. Lots of opportunity for the wife to relax, shop and be pampered.

If you choose the right island, at the right time, the surfing can be very good as well.......

NSW, 31 posts
14 Jan 2020 1:24AM
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Congrats ya gotta love a surf widow, they're gold

There's a whole lotta need in Sth NSW and Kangaroo Is for tourists to re invigorate their economy. KI might be a bit cold that time of year, but South NSW is very doable in a steamer and when your not surfing it's offshore under the doona anyway! It's a great roady from Qld down the NSW coast with the highway near finished.

I've had Kangaroo Is on my bucket list for years now and will try and make it happen later next year just to spalsh my hard earned where it's needed.

A roady may not be suitable for your occasion but as surfers we could all have a win/win if we support the bushfire ravaged areas of our country with our tourist dollars

WA, 86 posts
15 Jan 2020 7:32PM
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Hudhuranfushi in the Maldives. Book through World Surfaris. Great surf, amazing snorkelling and diving. All inclusive meals, drinks/cocktails. Great accomodation. Spa facilities for her while you surf. Awesome left-handler with limited number of surfers on the island. No charter oats allowed. Twice daily boat trips to other breaks. A great place to spend 7-10 days.

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17 Jan 2020 6:16PM
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Hey Nugdam,

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Here are some options we would recommend for your ability, time of year + non surfing partner.

1. Costa Rica
Incredible wildlife, eco-lodges, volcanoes, hiking and surfing! Costa Rica has it all. Although it is the rainy season, during July there are not too many tourists and the prices are cheaper than in the high-season. This makes it great to explore off the beaten track either with a private guide or in a rental car. Costa Rica is super safe and and there are so many options to choose from. I would recommend NW Costa Rica in the Guanacaste area, so you have a good mix of surf, beach towns, rainforest, hiking and wildlife.

2. Maldives
An obvious choice for a honeymoon and surfing, but may not be what you are interested in. Like cantSUPenough said, there maybe not enough 'exploring option, but you can still snorkel, relax, poolside, gym, surf, boat tours, etc. Plus it is stormy season. Still, July is peak season for waves and there will be no shortage. I've been working on and off there for 10 years and July is my favourite month for waves.

3. South Coast NSW
Don't count out Australia! The south coast of NSW has hidden gems in July. Although maybe a little wintry for a honeymoon, the waves are great and the bushfire affected areas are going to need some tourism in the coming year.

4. French Polynesia
Another idyllic paradise. I would suggest heading over to the island of Mo'orea from Tahiti. Really cool eco lodges, luxury resorts and homesteads to make your accommodations as you would like. There are some awesome waves suitable for your level too, some are about a 10 minute paddle from the beach across the lagoon to reach them, or friendly locals can give you a ride as well. Some waves are close by the shore, although all break over reef. The cultural aspects of French Polynesia is a must to immerse yourself in. Plus the local markets, waterfalls tours and hikes can be done easily.

5. Seychelles
A little unknown surf destination, Seychelles can offer some really cool experiences for both of you. Still an island nation, it differs from the Maldives with mountains, animal encounters and jungly forests for a little exploring. It tends to be drier as well in July, but still with great waves. There are so many deferent areas in Seychelles and they all work on different swells.

We tailor SUP surfing and paddling holidays to suit your needs. If you want to hear any more about our holidays or the services we offer, please feel free to reach out and connect via our website
We would be happy to help.

Happy holiday hunting and congrats again!


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