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Created by Boogieboarder79 Thursday, 8 Nov 2018
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Thursday , 8 Nov 2018 8:49PM
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Hi Everyone,

I live in Cronulla and have been SUP surfing since the beginning of the year. Can anyone suggest other fun places to go SUP surfing around the Sydney region where I don't have to worry about clattering into other surfers ? And are there any SUP surfing group in Sydney ?


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Tuesday , 13 Nov 2018 4:57PM
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Hi Boggieboarder,

I think Sydney in general gets fairly busy, especially during the day and towards the summer months. I've SUPed around Cronulla a fair bit and usually go in the mornings around the north end (Greenhills) where there are a lot less surfers.

If you want to try other locations closeby, Bonnivale in the Royal National Park is good for some bay surfing near the low tide. They will be small waves though, 1.5ft+ but you can ride them for ages. If you want to go further afield, try North Wollongong Beach.

Dont know too much about SUP surfing groups.

Hope that helps,


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