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SUPing after a bad injury

Created by Bluehawk 4 months ago, 13 Jan 2021
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13 Jan 2021 3:53PM
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Gurus - badly injured my ankle (dislocated,fractured and destroyed cartilage and all ligamenrs) hitting a sandback on Christmas Eve. To keep my deflated spirits up I want to hear good news stories about getting back into the surf after a bad injury. Long time in rehab ahead. Need some light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks.

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13 Jan 2021 1:59PM
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Don't normally post, but going to weigh in on this one. Broken back (crushed L1 vertebrae) last year SUPing bigger wave reef on Victor coast. Lots of hard work on rehab (strength and flexibility), but back on a SUP in 4 months and (almost) as good as new nearly 12 months on. In the water every day and riding waves with no restrictions from about 8 months post injury. Let your body heal, put in the work and you'll be back for sure. You just need to set goals and have a good rehab plan to get there and stay positive.

NSW, 34 posts
13 Jan 2021 5:27PM
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Thanks Shiny!

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13 Jan 2021 6:29PM
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sorry to hear that bluehawk.

try to find an alternative sport you can get stuck into during the rehab. eg; i broke my ankle last year and was able to paddle a waveski on flat water - it kept me sane....stay active somehow, even if it's the gym, the time will pass quickly if you don't let it get you down.
and don't check the surf report if you can help it, unless you're absolutely sure it's going to forecast poor conditions!

NSW, 34 posts
13 Jan 2021 9:22PM
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How did you know I was checking the surf forecasts! I've been cleared to gently pool swim so that is what I'm doing. But flatwater paddling is a good idea

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13 Jan 2021 9:47PM
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Bluehawk said..
How did you know I was checking the surf forecasts! I've been cleared to gently pool swim so that is what I'm doing. But flatwater paddling is a good idea

Get a moon boot and flat water when you can ! then pressure the rail on ya good side and learn to engage the rail too go strait ! Its good therapy ??

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14 Jan 2021 2:20AM
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Any time I have to lay off for injury, I find that taking surf pictures of my buddies keeps me involved and makes good connections with the local crew!

I stuffed up my ankle in Portugal for a time with a simple sprain, so not comparable , but I was lucky that I could ride my bike, paddle and walk as it healed strong enough for surf.

Don't do anything stupid while it is still weak.... very easy to increase the damage!
Be well and this will heal!

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15 Jan 2021 8:47PM
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Chin up Bluehawk

Following a motorbike accident, I was left with a multiple fractures to my ankle, leg and knee, with associated soft tissue damage.

During my rehab a very wise physio told me to focus on what I could do, not what I couldn't. This gave me goals and direction. I train unaffected parts on my body hard, whilst waiting for the leg to mend.

The feeling of small successes will get you through.

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16 Jan 2021 8:25AM
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Patience is the key!!!
I got myself into a pickle mentally from trying to comeback to where I was surfing before I had some health issues.
I stopped surfing for ages because I became so frustrated from my recovery.
I set little goals didn't overdo it and slowly got myself back in the water.I know my limits with what I can and can't do and make the absolute most out everyday in the surf that's within my limits!Good luck

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18 Jan 2021 9:06AM
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Had a very similar injury which resulted in the sole of my foot facing towards me and flapping around like a fish out of water once they had managed to get my shoe off. (sorry about the video quality, this was a Gen1 phone from back in the day. The doctors that treated me initially said I'd be lucky to walk properly again but after 6 months on crutches and lots of physio, I have to remind myself sometimes which ankle it was. Physio is the key.

Flash forward a few years and I fractured my tibial plateau SUPing and had another year out of the water. Again the doctors were very downbeat on my prospects, but again, plenty of physio and I'm back in the water surfing and suping.

NSW, 35 posts
19 Jan 2021 10:50AM
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Hi in July I broke my foot very bad while suping. I landed on a rock and broke my foot in 5 places and damaged my lis franc. After months of physio and rehab im finally back in the water after 7 months. I watched a lot of SUP videos on YouTube on technical things and it definitely helped.

NSW, 34 posts
24 Jan 2021 9:43AM
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Thanks for all the responses!

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24 Jan 2021 9:19AM
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Stay dry until you can jog....not run.
I've crutched it down to waters edge, bud carried my board.
Don't, that's too early.
Especially in killer closeout tubing shorebreak at OBSF.


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