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Sunova Acid fins

Created by philthyphil 4 months ago, 23 Jul 2019
NSW, 12 posts
23 Jul 2019 5:05PM
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Hi Acid lovers, looking to get some fins for my 8'10 acid. Im 85kg. Anyone using Quobba fins?

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23 Jul 2019 3:49PM
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I got C drives in mine. Love how they feel but the Quobba fins look good man

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24 Jul 2019 10:28AM
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FCS fins for me ,PCC7 carbon class jobs ,nice flex

but i would like to try more different brands and models buy ,you try ,then tell us

but i reckon something with a little bit of flex suits the board more .

VIC, 1857 posts
25 Jul 2019 5:47PM
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I had C-drives in my 8'10 and 9'1 Acid. I liked them in some conditions, but it seemed to me that at high speed on the bigger waves (>24 kph by my rip curl watch) they made it harder to turn. I have tried quobba but not enough to comment. I am using Shapers AM2 now and I like them - they feel loose to me - a bit of sideways motion that I like.

I need to put the quobbas on my 9'1. I am 98 kg so I have been mostly riding my 9'1.

But I should have started this by saying that I know zero about fins.

Balsaboards N.Z.
41 posts
4 Aug 2019 10:08AM
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how many philthy phils are there !? try it with huge sides and no centre and only then will you believe how influential the centre fin is .. :)


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