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Sup Surfing at Surfbeach in Beachport in SA ? OK ?

Created by London A week ago, 8 Sep 2020
SA, 47 posts
8 Sep 2020 3:02PM
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Anybody know what the SUP surfing is like at beachport in SA ?
We are camping with family over school Holidays in beachport.

Im hoping to be able to paddle down to surfbeach from the caravan park for some nice easy 2 foot longboard style waves ?
I take it surfbeach is the place to go ?
Looks like its about 1km from caravan park so should be ok to paddle that distance...
Before the wind comes up ....... probably gets windy after about 9 am ?
I hear the water is very cold is this true ?


VIC, 127 posts
8 Sep 2020 5:00PM
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Yep, all those things are true. You can get waves all along that beach, need a 4wd to access the lot. It's not really classic surf but you can have a bit of fun. Good waves about if you are prepared to travel around a bit. Both north and south


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"Sup Surfing at Surfbeach in Beachport in SA ? OK ?" started by London