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The perfect 5 board quiver ?

Created by Bighugg 5 months ago, 25 Oct 2018
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10 Feb 2019 4:53PM
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Casso said..
And more recent...

7'3" Shroom
7'11" Flow
7'11" Speeed
10'0" Style
12'0" Search
14'0" Search
14'0" Faast

How (and why) would you pick only five?

Casso, in small waves, do you prefer the 12' or 14' Search?
Obviously the 12' will be slightly more 'surfable', but I noticed the clip on Sunova's website of you having a dig on the 14'er and looking like it goes good too.

Which is your go to Search?

CSE - if you read this, what's your thoughts? I seem to remember you saying in a thread somewhere you wish you had bought the 12' instead of the 14'?

Cheers all


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"The perfect 5 board quiver ?" started by Bighugg