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The perfect 5 board quiver ?

Created by Bighugg > 9 months ago, 25 Oct 2018
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10 Feb 2019 4:53PM
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Casso said..
And more recent...

7'3" Shroom
7'11" Flow
7'11" Speeed
10'0" Style
12'0" Search
14'0" Search
14'0" Faast

How (and why) would you pick only five?

Casso, in small waves, do you prefer the 12' or 14' Search?
Obviously the 12' will be slightly more 'surfable', but I noticed the clip on Sunova's website of you having a dig on the 14'er and looking like it goes good too.

Which is your go to Search?

CSE - if you read this, what's your thoughts? I seem to remember you saying in a thread somewhere you wish you had bought the 12' instead of the 14'?

Cheers all

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2 Jun 2019 7:36AM
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are you needing to revise your quiver with the Point Break option ?

NT, 316 posts
2 Jun 2019 11:04AM
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I reckon so Bighugg!
As you know, the Dry has kicked in up here and with that comes very clean days but smaller. When the swell does manage to sneak in its a stack of fun. But you definitely need more length - which is why I was thinking of the Search.
But, sometimes old mate - the universe provides and hey presto! There's the Point Break - just what the doctor ordered - a bona fide Dry Season ripper!
that, or a 12'6 Blue Planet Bump Surfer.
Dunno - either way, I think we're spoilt for choice Bighugg.
Its a nice problem to have though!

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6 Jun 2019 11:32PM
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My perfect 5 SUP boards quiver (and some extras)

SIC MauiBayonet 17'1 FAST
SIC Maui RS 14'0 x 23"
SIC Maui RS 14'0 x 26" Air-Glide
Infinity SUP Blurr v2 7'8 x 25.5"
Infinity Tombstone SUP Foil 6'6 x 26"
Infinity Surf Tombstone 5'2
SIC Maui Darkhorse Surf 5'8
Axis Foils S-Series Complete Foil (mast 75, front wing 920, rear wing 440)
Axis Foils S-Series front wing 820
Black Project SUP Hydro 83 Pro Carbon
Black Project SUP Surge 82 Texcarbon
Black Project SUP Ohana 84 3 piece
Black Project SUP Tiger Fin
Black Project SUP Sonic Fin

And more on their way (SIC Maui Carver 7'6 Surf, Black Project SUP Hydro 83 Texcarbon, Black Project Maliko v3 Fin, Axis Foils 900 front wing, Axis Foils 1000 front wing)

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7 Jun 2019 8:25AM
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I guess you win then

NT, 316 posts
7 Jun 2019 8:43PM
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Cripes Sup Norte, that's a 55 board quiver!
Great stuff mate - if you ever want to offload any surplus boards just let me know

Mickie Williams
NSW, 20 posts
31 Aug 2019 2:15PM
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7'2 x 25.5 x 78 L
7'7 x 25.5 x 85L
8'6 x 26 x 95L
9'6 gun x 27 x 105L
10ft x 26 x 100L

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3 Sep 2019 2:33PM
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For some a quiver is a daily driver and a step up. Several small variants of a favorite board do it for others. For me it is a range of differences.
At 59yo and 92kgs this is an array that yields performance or ease depending on how the ocean looks and how I am feeling.

9-2x28 120l 10-6x31 148l 10-4x28 145l 9-2x30 129l 8-3x30 120l

NT, 277 posts
3 Sep 2019 9:46PM
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Love the photography layouts

QLD, 474 posts
4 Sep 2019 11:17AM
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Looks like you a quad kinda guy.

I have the PSH quad fins like yours and they are a great setup.


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