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Traveling advice, Australia

Created by Snogebaek > 9 months ago, 6 Sep 2019
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6 Sep 2019 8:02PM
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Hi everyone,

I am looking for traveling advice.
My wife has begun talking about a trip to Australia. Nothing planned yet, but if we go, it will be three to four weeks in December 2020 - January 2021.
The purpose would mostly be sightseeing/experiencing. However, I would love if there were also some opportunities to SUP, mostly in surf (SUP touring can be nice, but I have plenty of opportunities to do that at home).
I have never really considered going to Australia before, it has simply been too far away, and I have therefore never been looking at neither surfing/SUP possibilities, nor have I thought much about what else Australia could offer.

How do we combine this?
Can I get decent rental equipment, or should I bring a board?
How to get around - would a motorhome/campervan be the best solution?
Which states should we visit (for surfing and for a more general perspective)?
What should we absolutely see, and where should I absolutely surf?
Would it be much better to go at another time of year?

It would be really nice to get some general ideas and advice, before we start doing further planning.

My SUP level: Not a beginner, been on SUP for ten years. We usually don't have good surf in Denmark, but it happens, and I some experience from traveling (eg. to Bali)

Best regards,

VIC, 390 posts
6 Sep 2019 11:08PM
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IMO A 4 week camper trip starting in Noosa (QLD) and then driving down to Sydney (NSW) (1100km one way trip) , stopping along the way along the coast would be awesome. It's certainly a trip i'm planning (once I get my own Campervan).

Or you could continue down to Merimbula etc which is beautiful also (another 450kms)

Sydney harbour is a must see for a traveller. Noosa, Gold Coast / Burleigh, Byron, Coffs and Port Macquarie are all nice places to visit.

In terms of seeing Melbourne, A lot is happening around that time. Aus Open Tennis and the Boxing day Test Cricket would be worth a look.

Here in southern Victoria (along the surf coast/ great ocean road), the best waves are usually through Autumn (Mar/April/May). That's certainly not to say you can't have good days through Dec/Jan. Torquay is only about 1hr drive from Melbourne...

NT, 403 posts
6 Sep 2019 10:46PM
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Is your wife a watergirl ?
What is she wanting to see / do in Oz ?

VIC, 1930 posts
7 Sep 2019 3:36AM
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Hi Peter,

I am in Denmark myself right now - but I leave tomorrow.

The earlier suggestion go from Queensland to Sydney is very good, the only downside is their waves are more crowded than ours down south closer to Melbourne.

One of the best places in the world is Wilsons Promontory if you like nature and surf and beautiful beaches, but it can be difficult to access over our peak summer months (limited camping and cabins available). I spend time down there and when the weather is good it is truly spectacular and the surf can be good.

The beaches closer to Melbourne (Mornington Peninsula - where I live - and the "west coast") are also very nice places to visit, but the beaches will be a little crowded (for surfing).

Depending on the timing, and location, I can lend you a board (at the Prom or Peninsula).


VIC, 898 posts
7 Sep 2019 6:14AM
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Hi Snoggie (you need to get used to Aussies changing your name )
We have a heap of spare room in Melbourne and a place near Wilsons Prom and plenty of boards - both surfing (sup and prone) and touring that you are welcome to borrow. Come and hang out! You are welcome to stay in both places.
At that time of year the surf can be smaller but actually pretty good around Wilsons Promontory, the walking and scenery is amazing. Cheers JC

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7 Sep 2019 5:34AM
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Hi Snoggie, Sydney lad here. Do lots of research.
The problem with Sydney is that we have had an influx of not people but quite good surfers from brazil, Europe and All over so not only is it a bit crowded the surfers tend to be good and on it early. It all depends what you want to do. NSW school holidays are from dec 21st to jan 25.
Most people go camping or head to the beach. So it is busy then. Most places up and down the NSW coast. Syd sparkeles in Sep/Oct and Feb/March/ into early April. Its hotish, everyone is in a good mood and the weather is very nice.

The big exception is (24 Dec-6 January) where pretty much everything happens in a week of food, booze, beach and bbq's. Youll probably want to see New Years in Sydney, Everyone does. You and 4 million of your new best friends. The fireworks are amazing Ive been over 20 times and they seem to get better each year.

Just ask away and the sydney crew will answer your questions. My knowledge geographically is from Sydney up to Port Macquarie so ask away.

I don't want to get you too excited but we love the Danish. We consider danish people as honary Aussies as you prince, married one of ours.
They met in Sydney of all places and if you come over in Summer you will understand why your prince didn't really want to leave.

Also our dollar is dropping compared to the euro so your going to think our sky high prices are not too bad.

A week in melbourne is a must probably two.

South Australia (around Adelaide) is also great for a week of sightseeing. You can drive from Melbourne to Adelaide.

In Australia we tend to have a large selection of waves. Points, reefs, plenty of beach peaks, breakwalls, islands. So variety is high.

Also our beaches are very nice, much nicer than Europe.

There is plenty too see more than you will have time for.
Waves are not as predictable as they once were, so don't be expecting to rock up to a spot in a specific time slot and get a good wave. Saying that there are usually rideable waves most days. For a surf and if you are travelling up and down the coast you will get some good days.

VIC, 11 posts
7 Sep 2019 9:53AM
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I'd recommend December before Xmas holidays or February after Xmas holidays, if possible. It's pretty busy everywhere on the coast in Xmas/school holidays. Victorian coast between Wilsons Promontory and Phillip Island will give you plenty of variety in waves, plus some good camping spots or plenty of Air B'n'B type accommodation, with Melbourne not far away. Let me know if you are anywhere near Inverloch in Victoria, we've got a pretty cruisey little Sup crew here that'll look after you.

VIC, 1422 posts
7 Sep 2019 1:11PM
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I would avoid Straya in December-January if you can mate, summer school holidays are mad. Feb and March you're still going to have warm to hot weather with less people in some areas, I would actually recommend starting in Melbourne Victoria hire a motor home and travel the East coast ( there is a west coast as well ) following princes highway and exploring areas along the way. Chances are you won't leave Victoria as there's so much to see and do.
Take up JC offer

VIC, 4398 posts
7 Sep 2019 4:10PM
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If you want an easy trip that is off the scale beautiful then JC's offer is fantastic. The beaches, walking and wildlife of Wilson's Promontory are off the scale beautiful. The surfing is good, but not fantastic.

The driving is not so far and you can wend your way through Victoria to anywhere else you want to go. The food culture of the area is outstanding.

You also want to go to Western Port Bay/Mornington Peninsula and on the other side of Melbourne, Torquay, Bell's Beach and the Great Ocean Road are good. The surf is more crowded on that side. They don't call it the Surf Coast for nothing.

I am not a fan of the east coast of Australia, especially up through NSW and Queensland. It is beautiful but too populated.

If I had to pick one place, the SW corner of Western Australia has it all and not too many people. Margaret River, Albany, Esperance and others are fantastic.

The east coast of Tasmania has beautiful beaches and wonderful food and views.

Don't forget, Australia is enormous. Don't try to go too far. The driving will wear you out.

NSW, 258 posts
7 Sep 2019 8:00PM
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Do it. Ideally bring your own board. There are plenty of places to hire, but you don't want to be swapping and changing and looking for board hire wherever you go. That said, there are plenty of second hand boards floating around so you can use it as an excuse to buy a new board.

Noosa to Sydney is good, but I'd even suggest going further south than Sydney if you want to avoid the crowds. Hire a camper van for the trip. Most of the big guys let you pick up and drop off in different locations. Put up a message just before heading over and whilst you are travelling and you'll get lots of guys offering to meet up for a surf and show you the less crowded spots.

Did I say do it?


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