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Travelling with fixed length paddles

Created by JZOrewa 4 months ago, 11 Oct 2023
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11 Oct 2023 11:12AM
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i Guys,
I'm about to travel with my 2 fixed length paddles (international, NZ to Thailand) and I'm only allowed 1 23kg bag. If I take a bag with me (which will be the case) , this means I'll have to pay extra to take the paddles, so I'm thinking about strapping/tying my paddle bag to another bag so it counts as 1 volume. Has anyone done it before? Was it alright? Cheers

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11 Oct 2023 3:57PM
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Sounds like a good way to turn your paddles into 2 piece ones.

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12 Oct 2023 3:36PM
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Might get cought out with that one. I normally put my paddles in my board bag with padding under the blade. Never had a issue with a broken paddle.

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13 Oct 2023 3:23PM
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Recent trip to maldives walk on bag 7Kg overhead locker and small back pack goes under seat pool noodles split and over paddle in the board bag no dramas there and back had the 23 kg limit on the check in board too should be under that even with two paddles

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6 Feb 2024 11:38AM
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Just on the pool noodle thing, when you cut along them (to make a split) don't cut straight. Do some wiggles or mitre it a bit. Straight cut gets pushed off easier and provides less protection on the side facing the split.

QLD, 22 posts
Sunday , 18 Feb 2024 4:08PM
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Pool noodles in the board bag work well.Dont spare the duct tape and have some for the return trip.


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