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Wooden Stand up kits

Created by Minniedog1 > 9 months ago, 11 Sep 2020
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11 Sep 2020 2:24PM
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been thinking about buying a wooden kit for a 9'6 SUP
from DIYsurfboardkits
was wondering if anyone has ever
a. Put one together and if so is it worth the effort
b .how do they ride ?

feedback welcomed

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24 Nov 2020 5:44PM
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Hi Minniedog1,

I can't answer your question but I'm curious if you went ahead with your DIY project.
I am mainly interested in if the DIY plan takes in consideration the bottom contour of the board.
Best regards

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27 Nov 2020 8:40AM
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Hi. I have made a few timber boards, a couple of SUP's. I've never used a kit and just made them from scratch. The hardest part is making the internal frame when you don't have plans. I make my own print offs from a surfboard design program. If the kit includes the precut frame work then half the build is done for you. I think its a great first time way to build a board but in my mind it's more satisfying to build your own design from scratch. They will always be heavier than a foamy but hold a line really well and because you made it yourself they are great to ride.


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