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hypernut vs hipster vs vbox

Created by benjl 7 months ago, 31 Jan 2020
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31 Jan 2020 11:38AM
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While i'm still out of the water due a concussion in Dec, i've been coining up another board for my quiver and all three of these are intriguing. Keen to hear thoughts on which I should choose and why!
I'm 70kg in a wetsuit, generally surf between a 93l sunova flash and 105l 8'3 jimmy lewis supertech.

Options are:
7'2 x 28 x 105l hypernut carbon.
7'6 x 27 x 102l Gulliver Vbox Evo 2. I have had the 8'1 model before and it was super fun and surfed it in everything including 1.5x OH.
7'10 x 29.5 x 109l Smik Hipster carbon

Depending on what boards I keep, i'm just keen to know how each of these paddle, what wave size they are best suited to / max out at, which would be the most loose, fast etc.

The shortest board i've had was a 7'9 vbox prototype (a couple of years ago) so not sure how short the 7'2 hypernut would feel without trying it.


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31 Jan 2020 5:36PM
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I'd firstly ask, what are you missing from the boards you already have?

I'd say a Flash and SuperTech are quite similar in who they suit - both aimed at performance surfing in ok to good waves. Both do it differently however.

So, that being the case, i'd either look towards a fish(y) style board, which all of your choices are, or a longboard style Sup.

The Vbox's are not available any longer, although Stonker here in Torquay now has the 'license' to make them. Albeit in a 'custom' construction.

My view between the Hipster and the Hypernut is - and i'm happy to be told i'm wrong:

Hypernut - faster board, suits slashy style turns.
Hipster - more drive and acceleration when turning, lay it on rail and accelerate, smooth

No bad choice, just different...

I personally believe everyone should have a longboard style sup in their quiver, for fatter waves, smaller days etc ... and if you are thinking about a Hipster, i'd look at a Hipster LB. Custom is easy with Scotty to suit your weight... An 8'6" x 26" x 95L Longboard Hipster would be SICK!

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31 Jan 2020 8:24PM
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Thanks Hoppo. I've already got a performance lb shape, although due to sell it this weekend. Most of the waves I surf are fairly heavy, or small and quite peaky- I didn't find I gained anything on the lb that I couldn't pump my 8'3 supertech on to with better turning.

i met a guy who was keen to swap my 8'0 flash with his 7'10 hipster so that's how it came in to the mix.

i also have a 8'4 x 28 x 100l carbon blue planet ninja star, which sits between my flash and supertech. I need to cut them all down to just 2x boards. So I guess likely something to go with either my supertech or ninja star.
Haven't tried the hypernut (and wondered how short 7'2 is to paddle) and then comparing to quite a bit longer 7'10 hipster?

QLD, 492 posts
1 Feb 2020 5:42AM
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Slugga rides the 7'10 hipster maybe he might chime in on his thoughts.

NSW, 265 posts
1 Feb 2020 11:01PM
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Hi Benji
I think you can not go wrong with the Hypernut, I have the 6'10 x 26.5" = 91L= 6kg but the 7.2 is the next size up and am sure it is just as good etc., I am sure that the Hypernut is different and more user friendly then your other boards (and any board that you have ever ridden before) and more of an all rounder. I have ridden similar boards to you and I have found the Hypernut excellent for small waves and also for large waves (if the surf changes) and also it is fun to ride, different to anything that is out there, you just need to get a good set of fins that suit you (eg quobbas or Cdrives etc) but it does work with almost any fin/s etc:-)

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2 Feb 2020 12:01PM
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I've ridden both the Hypernut and the Hipster in the those sizes and they are both fun boards, would gladly own either one. I think they are both slightly better than the Minion which is a big call given I've owned a minion for 5 years and and love it.
Im the same weight as you. Rode the Hypernut in small waves in Sanur and the Hipster in a head high Werri beach break

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2 Feb 2020 12:55PM
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Awesome, can you comment further on differences between the hypernut and the hipster? What size waves they can handle, how tight each can turn, stability vs each other etc?

VIC, 171 posts
3 Feb 2020 7:59AM
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Nugdam said..
Slugga rides the 7'10 hipster maybe he might chime in on his thoughts.

Ok so I recon you should be looking at the 7.8 hipster.

The other boards your thinking of have narrow waist. and around 100L.

for you at 70kg you have around 30 litres of positive buoyancy thats a shi% load.

So I would be looking at the width more so for your stability.

The 7'8 x 28 x 98 L should be perfect for you.

Im about 100kg wet 5'11 and float the 7'10 with ease. these boards are super stable with the wide point forward on the board. but surf unreal with the pulled in tail and the fin combo.

they paddle really well into waves its really surprising when you first get on one. I was on a sunova flow and flash both are great for paddling flat water through the line up and catch waves well but when I got on the hipster for the first time you can really pump the board as your taking off getting a slingshot onto the wave because of the shortness and the position you are standing at take off.

hope this helps.

QLD, 503 posts
12 Feb 2020 4:41PM
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I have had the 7'10 hipster and the 8'0 flash. Both totally different but both great . Flash great in good waves and fairly predictable in its handling on the wave.
Hipster better for an everyday board with stability, looseness and speed . Flash gets better as the surf gets bigger and holds in on the face and carves turns better . Flash loves hollow fast waves with the pulled in tail.
Both better than the minion that i sold previous to these boards.
My 2 cents worth

SA, 2959 posts
12 Feb 2020 9:00PM
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have you considered the ECS slab

Had one for 2 + years 7'5 x 28 109 l superb all rounder fast loose surfs unbelievably well and still hangs in pretty well when its bigger - and a good price

NSW, 989 posts
13 Feb 2020 7:47AM
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russh said..
have you considered the ECS slab

Had one for 2 + years 7'5 x 28 109 l superb all rounder fast loose surfs unbelievably well and still hangs in pretty well when its bigger - and a good price

Have this board and it's awesome .
I am only 60kg now and would like to consider the 7'0 version when I can afford. The board turns so easy for such a wide tail. A lot of fun in the 1-2 foot that I generally go out in .
Very stable and so easy to get on the wave

WA, 229 posts
13 Feb 2020 9:12AM
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Can only compare the vbox and hipster. Owned both and still own the hipster. Vbox I found only worked in limited conditions, it worked brilliantly but if to choppy or messy then I spend a lot of time just missing wave as not setup/ settle the board in time or I'd be swimming. If waves got to big and steep then it felt i needed a much smaller board as i couldn't drive the rails. Felt like a passenger.
The smik I take out in any condition, small, fast over head and messy choppy stuff. Stand real forward for getting out in messy and step back for surf. The bigger or steeper the wave the more back i step and more foot on the rail. Both boards are around the 107l, 7'10. I'm 80kg. I use the smik for flatwater cruising to over head. Construction is tough after 2.5yrs of use. Cannot recommend it highly enough. Only other board I've owned to come close is a jp surf.

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13 Feb 2020 1:39PM
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Thanks for all the replies, certainly interesting feedback.

i guess I'm debating the 7'2 hypernut vs the 7'10 hipster. Which would be more lose, which would handle a greater variety of waves.
it sounds like the hipster might be more versatile but then it's comparing a 7'10 x 29.5 vs a 7'2 x 28 which is quite a bit shorter and more narrow. For up to head and a bit, maybe the hypernut would be more fun? Haven't ridden either so hard to know! Both are in different cities so can't really test either

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14 Feb 2020 7:20AM
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Haven't surfed the hypernut but had a 7'0" x 30" x 95l minion before stepping down to boards around 80l a few years back. I have a custom hipster @ 7'2" x 26" x ~ 83l which is a fantastic board. Fast, fun and very easy to paddle (I'm 70kg and 179cm) and works well in huge range of conditions from small beachies and reefs to much more solid stuff. Much narrower tail than the minion or hypernut which allows the board to go vertical off the bottom and hold its line in hollow waves. Scotty McKercher has nailed the fin set up and hip to allow a very tight turn radius off the top. I'm very hard on boards and the Smik super well constructed and bomb proof. Scotty also great to deal with. Hipster a super versatile all rounder. Challenge yourself on lower volume as they are very stable for their size.

VIC, 1469 posts
14 Feb 2020 10:54AM
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Had the ECS slab 7'11" and Hypernut foil 7'4".
I believe any of these tomo type shape boards are fun to ride, just pick your brand and color taste but some are constructed sheeeyyyat so be cautious and ask the right people that in the know.

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7 Mar 2020 5:11AM
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Little update- the vbox and hipster had sold so I got the 7'2 x 28l hypernut. Have to admit I was dubious about the length of it and whether it might be too twitchy or small. Took it for a flat water paddle last night in semi-ocean windy conditions.
Soo Stable!! Can't believe how stable it is. Makes my 8'4 x 28 x 101l blue planet board feel so twitchy. had no issues what so ever with front and back stability and side to side is super easy to counter balance. It's almost fun just to see how far you can roll it. I must've paddled close to 1km on the flat, although maybe not as quick straight as my longer board it wasn't that hard. Could be different on a wave. feels like it would rip with that shorter length on a wave. Can't wait to try! Unfortunately still out due my concussion but fingers crossed I can just keep it as a small wave board

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7 Mar 2020 9:06AM
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Hey thought about the JL board to rule them all...I've got the 8ft..unfortunately cant give you any feedback as yet due to my injury but I've only heard good things about them..performance and construction wise.

Goodluck bruv

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7 Mar 2020 2:03PM
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All good man, how's the achillies recovery going? Id be interested to hear your feedback on the board, I just don't like the wide nose on it for punChing through big whitewater if it's gonna be a 1-board quiver. the 7'7 for me would be fun, more of a mix for good waves than my hypernut but less of a good wave board than my jimmy lewis supertech it blue planet

13 Mar 2020 5:18PM
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Thanks SupMaori for recommending the Destroyer..At 7'7 x 29 x 100L it would work really well..
I am able to compare it to the Hypernut 7'2 and 7'4 as most know I was the East coast Starboard rep from 2012 to 2019 so I have surfed them both..
The Destroyer will still work when the wave face gets a bit more hollow as it is a rounded pin where as the tail on the Hypernut is wide to generate speed and lift on waves with a flatter face and less power.
At 6'1 and 8'5kg I found it hard to engage the rail in the wave face when the wave got steeper.
The rounded pin on the Destroyer still hold in.
Can not speak of the other boards as I have not redden them.
Hope this helps
Jimmy Lewis Boards Australia


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