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Best ART all round tail?

Created by stevet73 2 months ago, 4 Jun 2022
NSW, 214 posts
4 Jun 2022 8:59PM
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Of course subjective but currently on ART999 with a cut down 420 tail. Competent (+) rider. Mostly prone surf but sup and wingding in waves. 350 or 375 progressive? ART 899 on way....

Thank you......all you foil nuts!

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4 Jun 2022 10:41PM
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I use 375P on my ART999. Much improved over the 370 I used originally.

Recently tried it - 375P - on my BSC1060 for a light wind day and it sped -up and loosened up that foil well.

I am 78kg and primarily winging.

NSW, 214 posts
5 Jun 2022 7:22AM
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Many thanks jrc. I floated this on the axis Facebook group as well and the 375 was also the most suggested.

King Crash
NSW, 210 posts
5 Jun 2022 8:08PM
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I enjoyed the 380 speed tail with a -1. Very loose and fast, easy to cut winglets off to loosen it up further.
I wouldn't get a 380 though. get a new progressive

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5 Jun 2022 6:09PM
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370P is a good choice for sure, I would say try with the shim, it gives more control and better stall speed.

I also have the 325P, it is really good with 899 and 999.

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6 Jun 2022 5:33AM
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Been using 350p with 899 and 1099 .. noticeable improvement from 400p on both 99's at my weight (68kg).. winging, prone and dock.. looser, faster and less tendency to stall .. highly recommend 350p

NSW, 897 posts
6 Jun 2022 8:36AM
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6 Jun 2022 11:17AM
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325/ crazyshort with all wings from here on

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8 Jun 2022 1:39PM
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agreed on 325P. If I could get a 300P I think that would be great. The X99 series just seems to come alive with smaller tails. They feel like a dog (in comparison) with the wrong tail.

WA, 221 posts
31 Jul 2022 7:39AM
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See that your asking for "all around", I would chose the 400P if you are above 180pds. Below that the 350P would serve you well. Anything smaller will tune towards performance and away from Stability.

VIC, 984 posts
31 Jul 2022 12:30PM
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I'm 64kg, prefer the 350 to the 375 for 899 and 999. Pretty sure a 325P is inevitable after reading posts like this!


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